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Misconduct Hearings

To increase openness and transparency in the police service, officer Misconduct Hearings will now normally be held in public. Misconduct Hearings deal with alleged gross misconduct by police officers on or off duty.

The decision to hold hearings in public was announced by the Home Secretary in the spring of 2015 and will apply to all cases where an officer was given notice to attend a hearing after 1 May 2015.

How Misconduct Hearings work

At a hearing the facts are heard by a panel, often with the help of witnesses, to enable a finding to be made. If an officer is found to have committed gross misconduct, depending on the circumstances, the available outcomes are:

  • Dismissal without notice
  • Final written warning
  • Written warning
  • Management advice
  • No further action

For more information on police misconduct, visit the Home Office Website.

Attending a Misconduct Hearing in Public

When the date of a Misconduct Hearing in public is confirmed, the details will be published below.

Please note the following:

  • Members of the public and media wishing to attend a hearing should note that attendance is on a 'first come first served' basis, up to the capacity of the venue.
  • Any restrictions on reporting will be notified in advance of the hearing.
  • No photographs, film or sound recording are permitted
  • Any conditions particular to an individual hearing will be published on this page in advance of the hearing.
  • Where a hearing is adjourned for an extended period attendees will be expected to leave the premises and return at the appointed time.
  • The hearing chair has the right to exclude any person from the hearing.
  • If you require disabled access, please notify reception on your arrival. If you have any other access requirement please contact us in advance on 01785 232416 so that we can make arrangements.
  • Attendees will not be admitted whilst the hearing is taking place.

Please note:

In exceptional circumstances the person chairing the hearing can decide that the hearing should be held in private or can exclude anyone from all or part of the hearing at his or her discretion. If a decision is made to hold a hearing in private the reasons will be published within the notice of the hearing which appears below.

Updates about current hearings and their outcomes appear below - click each entry for more details.

For past hearings/meetings see: Previous Misconduct Meetings and Previous Misconduct Hearings .