Here are tips to help prevent theft of your boat or its contents and deter petty crime and vandalism.

Car alarms are based on 12VDC operation and so are the majority of our boats. Fit a good-quality alarm system, with a warning sign, to deter a casual thief. Top units will message owners about a security breach.

Fit a GPS tracker: the most sophisticated units tell you and the police if your boat moves.

Disable your engine.

Chain your boat to the mooring in urban areas to stop people casting it off. You can use chain or steel rope and a padlock. Heavy-duty nylon cable ties also work if you clamp ropes together close to bollards and T studs.

Fit window guards and bars across entrance doors.

Upgrade all locks to the best quality available and secure hatches and doors with heavy-duty internal hasps.

Use cylinder padlocks, such as high-security van types, which are harder to pick than conventional padlocks.


Fit PIR-activated security lighting.

Fit a locking fuel tap or a tank alarm to protect the fuel in your tank.

Don't leave valuable kit on the roof.

Chain up bicycles.