Receive the latest community safety information and alerts about what's happening in your local area by registering for Staffordshire Smart Alert.

You can choose to receive email and alerts from local police officers and Neighbourhood Watch coordinators via:

  • email    
  • smart phone or electronic device app
  • SMS
  • landline phone message

The service is free and localised for you, whether it’s:

  • news on local incidents
  • community engagement events
  • rural crime
  • crime prevention advice
  • significant or high priority messages
  • business crime alerts

You can also feed back information to local police teams by replying to an email we’ve sent or emailing us.

You can sign up to the following schemes:

  • community messaging
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Business Watch
  • Rural Watch

Register for Staffordshire Smart Alert

When you register for Staffordshire Smart Alert you'll be given login details that allow you to personalise your settings or unsubscribe at any time.

Go here to register for Staffordshire Smart Alert.