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One of the most important things that all drivers can do to try and keep our roads safe (as well as avoiding a ticket) is to drive within the speed limit at all times. We don't want to catch you speeding, we just want you to keep an eye on your speed and check you drive safely.

Safety Camera van rearAlways:

  • Plan your journey and allow plenty of time to reach your destination.
  • Drive at an appropriate speed for the road and the weather conditions.
  • Stay calm and avoid conflict with other road users.
  • Keep an eye on your speedometer.
  • Keep a safe two seconds distance from the vehicle in front.
  • Remember that speed limits are a maximum, not a target.
  • Maintain the speed limits during both day and night.
  • Don't be pressurised by tailgaters to speed.

Exceeding the legal speed limit is an offence for which a fine and penalty points are mandatory. However wherever possible, subject to the driver being eligible and the offence warrants it, we would prefer to offer a diversionary course to educate drivers. Not all drivers are eligible for this alternative.

The course aims to change attitudes to speed and subsequently seeks to alter driver behaviours, make them more aware of the results of speeding and so prevent them from speeding in future. These measures are in place to help reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads, as excessive speed is a major contributory factor in road collisions and casualties.

For more information on speed and speed awareness courses we recommend you visit the Safer Roads Partnership website.

For camera speeding offences please contact the Customer Service desk on 01785 234981, option 1, between 10am to 4pm.