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Operation Rogue Trader 2017

Rogue traders and forceful doorstep sellers have been under the spotlight this week (8-12 May) as part of Operation Rogue Trader 2017.

Rogue Trader Combined IconsIn Staffordshire, along with the rest of the UK, rogue traders continue to cause problems for residents - particularly those who are elderly and vulnerable.

Rogue traders are often referred to as 'cowboys' and pose as property maintenance workers, gardeners and builders offering any number of services to residents.  They offer sub-standard or non-existent services at grossly inflated prices and often target the vulnerable or elderly in the community.

Rogue traders cost the UK millions of pounds each year and the police work with the county council's fraud and special investigations team to tackle rogue traders, doorstep crime and counterfeiting throughout the county helping to reassure Staffordshire residents.

The Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Trader Register offers a solution for consumers concerned about where to find a reliable trades person locally.

A number of 'No Cold Calling Zones' have been set up in Staffordshire with the aim of discouraging rogue traders who may tell householders that work needs doing and then charge high prices, sell poor quality items or pressure sell.

Report a Rogue Trader

Staffordshire Residents who have concerns about Rogue Traders operating in their area can contact Trading Standards Confidential on 01785 330356.

Please note this is a dedicated tip-off number, if you are looking for advice on your consumer rights please contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 040506.

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