This summer the long overdue Euros will finally take place. We know many of you will be looking forward to supporting England, and watching the matches with your mates.

While we want you to enjoy yourselves we need to stress that Covid restrictions remain in place. This means during the first few weeks of games if you’re watching inside, you can only do so seated, with up to five others. Those pubs and bars showing the games will be working hard to keep you safe and they have the right to enforce Covid restrictions. Of course many pubs will be using outdoor areas too, but they may still only be operating table service so please respect and follow their measures and instructions.

Throughout the tournament we’ll have extra officers policing Staffordshire’s streets and towns, particularly during key England games. Our aim is to make sure you enjoy the football safely and my officers will quickly step in if anyone does commit a crime or start acting anti-socially.

We also want to remind anyone intending to have a drink to make sure you leave your car keys at home, plan ahead and book your taxi home.

This applies to the morning after too. With many of the Euro matches taking place during the week we want fans to stay safe if they have to drive the next morning. Throughout the tournament our officers will be stopping vehicles and breathalysing motorists to keep our counties roads safe.