We have a strong commitment to equality and diversity both in our people within the organisation and in the services we provide to our communities.

We want to reflect the communities we serve and one way we can try to achieve this is through a 'positive action' approach.

Positive action is activity which helps employers identify and remove barriers and issues to the recruitment, retention and progression of people from 'under-represented' groups, whilst still employing people on merit.

We treat all applicants fairly and in accordance with current legislation. Positive action is not about giving some people more favourable treatment; it is about "levelling the playing field". We are looking for a talented workforce who can best serve our communities and that means looking for talent from a wide and diverse range of applicants.

Some people may think they don't 'fit in' to an organisation because of their lifestyle or background. Their past experiences of an organisation may have also led them to think they wouldn't be welcome as an employee.

Positive action aims to get rid of such myths and show potential employees how organisations have changed. It also emphasises that applications are particularly welcome from people from under-represented groups who have cultural and language skills to bring to an organisation, who will also benefit us in every way to be more innovative, capable, inclusive, approachable and to provide a better service to the public.

Employment will be based on merit

Positive action initiatives help employers to encourage people from certain groups who are under-represented in the workplace to apply for jobs and promotions. 

Examples of positive action initiatives

The law allows many types of initiatives, including:

  • awareness days and workshops for under-represented people to help them to take part in the selection process on an equal footing.
  • training or familiarisation events to help people to compete on a level playing field.
  • other ways in which we can counteract the effects of past discrimination and help eliminate stereotyping, such as raising awareness for interviewers on how to avoid bias.

Register your interest in being involved in future positive action opportunities.