Want to be a police officer? Entry into the service has changed - and Staffordshire Police is one of the first to recruit student officers to study for a degree while they serve.

Gone are the days of spending weeks on end learning how to be an officer in our training school. Now, we are partnered with Staffordshire University to train our new recruits, while helping them to earn a degree qualification in Professional Policing Practice, which will be recognised internationally. 

Your formal training will take place alongside your practical work in one of our many policing teams across Staffordshire. After a few weeks learning, you'll get your uniform, join a team and begin three years of practical learning that will shape your policing career.

Most of your learning will be done digitally. You'll log onto Staffordshire University's systems and watch lectures and access learning modules from your computer, without needing to travel to campus.

When you're not studying you'll be working alongside your colleagues, on a neighbourhood policing team - being the face of Staffordshire Police in our local communities, on a response team - on the frontline of our emergency service, or in one of our investigations teams - helping to solve some of the most serious crimes and catch those responsible.

All of this comes with a starting salary of £21,000 and the degree totally funded. Plus there's loads of benefits, staff associations, social clubs and the pension to consider.

Ways to join

Entry in to Staffordshire Police as a police constable can be achieved through one of three ways:

  • as a candidate with an existing degree*, making the transition to a Graduate Diploma in Professional Policing Practice
  • joining and studying towards the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) to achieve a degree in Professional Policing Practice
  • achieving a degree in policing prior to joining (not currently available nationally)

*This degree must be a relevant policing degree.

Salary and benefits

Your starting salary will be £21,000 rising to £23,000 in your third year; once you become a fully-fledged officer your salary is determined nationally.

And that's not all. You'll also:

  • secure a funded degree level qualification in professional policing practice
  • receive extensive training and development throughout your career 
  • have access to a generous pension scheme
  • have the opportunity to work in a wide range of policing departments
  • get a minimum of 22 days annual leave; rising with service to 30 days
  • access additional schemes such as childcare vouchers, employee assistance programme and lifestyle discounts

Life as a PC at Staffordshire Police

Our officers play a vital role in ensuring that the communities of Staffordshire are kept safe. Few jobs can be more rewarding than that of a police officer: from day one you'll be helping to fight crime and protecting people from harm.

Your morning could start with a dawn raid at the home of crime suspects or speaking at a school assembly about staying safe. By the afternoon you may have been called to the scene of a road traffic collision where you'll give first aid and comfort to a victim, or helping with the search of a missing pensioner. And your late shift could be spent on burglary patrols or in busy nightlife areas ensuring party goers get home safely.

As a police constable, you'll want to make a positive difference to the communities you serve. You'll strive to keep them safe, to be there when needed and to instil confidence in the work you do to reduce fear of crime. You'll be the visible reassurance to the public and you'll work together with communities and partners as one team to reduce offending and reoffending, while ensuring that victims, witnesses and their families are supported and placed at the very heart of all criminal justice processes.

The landscape for learning to become a police constable has changed and our regional partnership with Staffordshire University will enable you to gain a degree while becoming operationally competent on the job. You will become accredited for the skills you acquire and utilise in your day-to-day roles, with greater insight, understanding and learning of the challenges policing faces now and in the future.

Through this course you will get to learn new skills, meet new people and set out a career path that could see you specialise as a firearms officer, dog handler, traffic cop, detective or the trusted, familiar face within your community as a neighbourhood officer. You'll gain practical and invaluable insight into various roles and departments within the force, standing you in good stead for future opportunities.

This isn't a 9-5 role and you will be required to work shifts that include nights, weekends and bank holidays. Your base location of work will vary throughout your career and you may be posted anywhere within the Staffordshire region. You will also need to prepare yourself for potentially dangerous situations but be reassured that we will support you to be ready to handle these.

As you will be joining our student officer programme through the 'Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship' route your probation period will be three years. During this time you will be supported and assessed to ensure you are lawful and legal to independently carry out the role of a police officer