The application form plays a key role in whether or not you are invited to interview, so it is important that this is completed as fully and as accurately as possible.

Please make sure that you return your application form by the closing date.

Where an interview date has been specified in the advertisement, please keep the date free, as it is not normally possible to re-arrange an interview.

Whilst the following information is designed to assist you, you should remember that it is your responsibility to demonstrate you’re your suitability for the post when completing the application form.

Supporting information

Applicants will be shortlisted on the basis of the information provided in the application form which is measured against key tasks and responsibilities, along with education, qualifications and experience for the post, as outlined within the role profile.

It is important that you complete the application form using the role profile as a reference document.

Remember the application form is the only information on which the selectors are judging you at this stage.

Please do not assume that the selectors have any knowledge of your skills and abilities.

The aim of the application form is for you to provide information to enable the selectors to consider whether you have the necessary skills and experience to meet the skill level needed in post for which you are applying.

Making a case to be shortlisted

The 'Supporting Information' section is your opportunity to evidence your technical skills, abilities, knowledge, qualifications and experience gained in paid, voluntary or leisure activities in relations to the knowledge, qualifications and technical skills detailed in the role profile.

Think carefully about your past experience and the skills you have developed.

  • It is not enough to say that you are able to do the job. What we need is evidence that you are able to meet the essential requirements of the role.
  • The examples that you provide should be recent, demonstrating your ability in the relevant areas.
  • Give details of what you have actually done. Statements saying 'I am good at' or generally stating that you can do the something are not sufficient.


To be eligible for appointment you must be a British Citizen or a member of the EC or other states in the EEA.

Commonwealth citizens and foreign nationals are also eligible but only if they are a resident in the UK free of restrictions.


Convictions or cautions will not necessarily preclude you from appointment. It will depend on their nature and the circumstances of the offence(s).

Failure to disclose convictions or cautions will, however, result in your application being terminated.

We will also want to know whether your close family or associates are involved in criminal activity and we will therefore search for any criminal convictions or cautions recorded against your family.

You must advise them that these enquiries will be made.

The police service cannot disclose the results of these enquires to you.

Completed application forms should be sent to HR Recruitment via email to: