We'll work even more closely with partners to deliver excellent policing services for the county's residents, businesses and visitors. At all times, we'll strive to keep them safe, prevent them from becoming victims and reduce their fear of crime and anti-social behaviour.

The force's Policing Plan 2018-19 sets out five key priorities that provide a clear direction for the force and reflect the Police and Crime Plan.

Underpinning each of the five priorities in the Plan is a set of outcomes which are being delivered through activities and projects led by the Force directorates. The plan provides a strong accountability framework and helps to instil an environment of continual improvement which is essential at a time when the force has significant challenges facing it with rising and increasingly complex crime and on-going financial pressures. Everyone who works for the force, be that frontline or enabling services, has an important role to play in delivering against these priorities and helping to achieve the force's aim of safer, fairer and united communities.

Modern policing

A modern and transformed police service fit for a changing future, able to address existing and new issues and the threat and harm that impact from local, regional, national and international activity. This will be delivered through the People First strategy which sets out how we will make the organisation a great place to work with a culture that enables people to flourish and that achieves our ambition to improve our service to the people of Staffordshire.