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When it comes to pedestrians both youngsters and adults should be visible to other road users - a way in which you can make yourself seen is with reflective clothing.

Pedestrian Icon BlueThis should be worn both day and night to ensure your safety. Do not try to make shortcuts when crossing roads as it can be dangerous to yourself and other roads users and if you are not seen it could lead to a crash.

At the end of October the clocks go back, meaning more people will be travelling in poor light or even in the dark. Children are at an increased risk as they journey to and from school at times of the day when visibility is poor.

As nights get longer more people are out before dawn, including boys and girls doing paper rounds either on foot or bicycle. Pedestrians and cyclists should make sure they wear light, preferably reflective clothing, and ensure bicycles have working lights at the front and back.

Inevitably, there are places where you just can't help but walk in the road to get to where you need to be. When it's dark, motorists won't see you. You should take responsibility for your own safety by facing oncoming traffic and being ready to put yourself in a position of safety when vehicles pass.

It only takes a lapse in concentration to become involved in a collision, so taking a few extra precautions could make all the difference.