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Fail to Stop Collisions

Failing to stop if you are in a collision involving injury or damage to property is an offence. If a driver fails to stop or leaves the scene of a collision without giving details, you should notify the police as soon as possible or in any case within 24 hours.

Close up Landscape BMWWhere possible you should try to provide as much useful information as possible, giving:

  • the time
  • place
  • nature of the incident
  • details of the car
  • details of the driver
  • direction of travel when leaving the scene

Where possible, Staffordshire Police will fully investigate and report any collision where:

  • a driver has failed to stop at the scene
  • failed to report the collision as required
  • failed to provide details as required

If it is at the time and you believe the driver of another vehicle has been driving while over the legal alcohol limit, contact the police straight away via 999.