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Cyclists are one of the more vulnerable of the road users and both during the dark hours of early morning or late evening, as well as during daylight hours, it is vitally important for cyclist's to be clearly visible. The following suggestions will help make cyclist's informed and conscientious road users.

PCSO on push bike outside a homeAs nights get longer more people are out before dawn, including boys and girls doing paper rounds either on foot or bicycle.

  • Make sure your bike is serviced regularly.
  • Get a helmet - make sure it is properly fitted and always wear it when cycling.
  • Be as visible as possible, ride well clear of the kerb, wear bright clothing- high visibility and reflective clothing will ensure you can be seen in daylight and at night.
  • Always use lights after dark and in poor weather conditions.
  • Show other road users what you intend to do- look and signal before you start, turn or stop.
  • Don't dodge in and out of parked cars- ride in a straight line.
  • Use cycle lanes wherever they are available.
  • Don't ride with more than two of you side by side and on narrow roads ride in single file.
  • Never ride the wrong way up one-way streets.
  • Obey traffic lights- don't ride through on red.
  • Don't ride on pavements or footpaths unless there are signs permitting this.
  • Only use bus lanes where you see the symbol of a bicycle displayed.