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Crime Management

The Crime Administration Unit consists of the Force Crime Registrar, and Crime Validation and Resolution Unit. Once the Control Room have received a report of a crime, logged it on STORM and an officer has provided an update, the Validation Team pick up the crimes electronically and process them.

They transfer the relevant information from STORM (command and control system) to CMS2 (crime recording system), add victim details, suspect details, check custody for bail dates or outcomes, add property where necessary, as well as vehicle details, firearms etc.

Control Room 2 2015They read the STORM log and the MO provided by the officer and decide what crime to record using their expert knowledge of the Home Office Counting Rules for recorded crime.

  • Crime Assigning - the Validation Team assign crime for further investigation to the identified Officer in Charge (OIC).
  • Housekeeping - the Validation Team conduct housekeeping reports to ensure that none of the aggravating factors are missed so other departments such as MASH (Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub) are aware of relevant incidents, especially in relation to vulnerability
  • Statistical information - once the crime record is fully validated, the record is transferred via the Home Office Data Hub for statistical purposes. These statistics will then be released to the public as an indication of crime levels and disposals in Staffordshire. This is an automated transfer, but relies on accurate data which is input by the Validation Team. The Validation Team are subject to both internal and external audits for both crime recording and data quality.
  • Victim gateway- the crime records also automatically transfer to a charity who contact and support victims. It is therefore vital that data accuracy is maintained and MoPI (Management of Police Information) is appropriately applied.
  • Action Fraud - where reports of fraud meet the call for service criteria, the Validation Team manage fraud reports to Action Fraud, contacting the victim and updating the Action Fraud website.

Crime Validation and Resolution

This unit finalises crime records and ensures the data quality of them. They update the records to take into account any information that may have been uncovered during the investigation and record the outcomes.

  • Finalising crime records - officers submit their file to the Crime Closure Units, who check data quality for suspect and victim details, update the crime record with any information uncovered during the investigation, record any outcomes including full details of suspects/accused persons such as their PNC (police national computer) details and file the crime record with the appropriate disposal code.
  • No crime and reclassification requests - the Crime Closure Unit manage requests for no crime or reclassification and conduct audits on every crime outcome to ensure compliance with Home Office Counting Rules and the Law. They are subject to both internal and external crime recording audits with regard to crime outcomes.