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Corporate Services

Corporate Services consists of a number of units which help the force to manage performance, change, external consultation, equality and diversity and corporate information on service delivery. Together with the media and communications team, they have responsibility for producing and publishing the force's strategy and annual policing plan 'Policing Staffordshire'.

Data Quality and Standards ensure that all crime and incident records meet standards set by the Home Office. It conducts audits on crime, incidents, custody records and forensics data to ensure robust and accurate data is supplied to the Home Office.

Service Development is responsible for both monitoring performance across policing priority areas and developing performance management tools and products which support managers to prioritise resources and plan ahead.

Crime Management

The Crime Administration Unit consists of the Force Crime Registrar, and Crime Validation and Resolution Unit. Once the Control Room have received a report of a crime, logged it on STORM and an officer has provided an update, the Validation Team pick up the crimes electronically and process them.

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Governance and Development

The Governance team supports the organisation in the many key areas of business. Including the understanding of the direction of the national agenda through environmental scanning and managing the program of HMIC inspection to continually improve the way in which we deliver services.

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Information Assurance

Information Assurance (IA) is defined as the practice of assuring information and managing risks. Policing relies heavily on information-led activity and Staffordshire Police has strong Information Assurance (IA) structures and processes in place to ensure secure storage, processing and disposal of information.

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Service Development

Driven through the Force Performance Management Strategy the Service Development Unit delivers a wide range of performance information and analysis to enable effective decision making. This contributes directly to reducing crime, dealing with what matters to communities and delivering outstanding service.

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