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Child Seats

The law requires all children travelling in the front or rear seat of any car, van or goods vehicle to use the correct child car seat until they are either 135cm in height or 12 years old (which ever they reach first). After this they must use an adult seat belt. There are very few exceptions.

Child Seat Icon Blue ClearIt is the driver's responsibility to ensure that children under the age of 14 years are restrained correctly in accordance with the law - however the law is different for buses, coaches and minibuses with seat belts fitted.

It is important to ensure that your child travels in an appropriate child restraint. These should always:

  • Conform to the United Nations standard, ECE Regulation 44.04 (or 44.03) or to the new i-size regulation (R129). Look for the 'E' mark label on the seat.
  • Be suitable for your child's weight and size.
  • Be correctly fitted according to the manufacturer's instructions.

You can find information on the correct type of seat on the Safer Roads Partnership website.

Something You Should Know

You must not place a rear facing baby seat in the front seat with an active airbag.