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Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic converters have been fitted to the exhaust systems of most petrol cars built since the early 90s. Thieves have been targeting catalytic converters because of the precious metals they contain- with high clearance vehicles like vans being particularly vulnerable.

Catalytic Converter under a carTo avoid becoming a victim of this kind of theft, follow this advice:

  • Fitting perimeter security fencing can help deter opportunist thieves and slow down more organised thieves.
  • Good security lighting makes vehicles more visible and can act as a deterrent.
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) can be an effective deterrent.
  • Where possible park a vehicle against a kerb, with the catalytic converter being closest to the kerb.
  • If there is a fleet of vehicles, park the low clearance vehicles to block the high-clearance vehicles. This will obstruct access underneath.
  • If a catalytic converter is a bolt on type it is possible to have the bolts welded shut.
  • Fit protective coverings on catalytic converters, these can make it much more difficult for thieves.
  • Have your catalytic converter etched or forensically marked and put stickers in the windscreen to say this has been done.