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We will be holding an online chat for residents in the Birches Head, Northwood and Central Forest Park areas on Monday 3 December.  This will be your opportunity to talk to your local officers and Councillors about any issues or concerns you may have in your community.  The chat will 'go live' at 7pm so check back here then to view or join the chat and help shape local policing in your area.

Live Blog Birches Head, Northwood and Central Forest Park - Online chat

Birches Head & Central Forest Park

Birches Head & Central Forest Park - Faye Fawcett

A large residential area which has grown significantly in recent decades.

Houses are mainly terraced in the older part of Birches Head, with semi-detached and detached featuring on the newer estates. Several schools provide education, and there are many small businesses to be found.

Forest Park is the site of a former deep pit which is now one of Europe's largest skate parks, attracting thousands of visitors of all ages on a monthly basis.


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Chief Inspector Mark Barlow
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