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Bogus officials strike again

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Following our enquiries, several more victims have come forward after a series of bogus official burglaries that occurred earlier this week in the Meir and Sandford Hill areas of Stoke-on-Trent.

Between late morning and mid-afternoon on Tuesday (10 April) suspects claiming to be from the 'water board' and council conned their way into elderly residents homes.

Anyone who saw any suspicious persons or vehicles in the area or had any such callers to their address are asked to contact us on 101, quoting incident number 341 of 10 April.

Residents are asked to remain vigilant at all times and to follow this advice:

Do not let anyone into your home unless you know who they are or what they are there for, and never trust anyone calling at the door without a prior appointment. Should you receive such a call, leave the door locked. The caller will hear you through the door when you ask them who they are.

If they state they are from a utilities company, ask for your account number, they should have this if they are genuine, if not - do not let them in and tell them to leave and that you are calling the police.

Always ask for ID, and check it. Even if someone claims to be an official - and that includes police officers and council representatives - people must get their ID checked out.

Do not allow anyone to carry out work on your home, or sell you anything when they cold call at the door. If you require work to be done investigate it yourself, by phoning three companies and asking for like for like quotes.

Please remember: There is no such company as the Water Board, Gas Board or Electric Board. These words are only used by offenders, so be alert if they are used by anyone at your door.

Residents should also follow the STOP, CHAIN, CHECK rule when people call at the door.

STOP - If you are not expecting anybody and they don't have an appointment, don't let them in.

CHAIN- Use your door chain or bar before opening the door

CHECK - Ask to see ID and double check this.

We recommend keeping your door locked at all times, even when you are at home, and always reports any suspicious behaviour to the police.

13 Apr 2018 16:37:39 BST
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S Hardy
Posted by: Staffs Police | 17 April 2018, 14:27PM
Hi there,You're welcome to print resources from our website. The below is a link to a Stop Chain Check leaflet that was produced previously.https://www.staffordshire.police.uk/media/3189/Beat-Distraction-Burglars/pdf/distraction_callers.pdf
Bogus officials
Posted by: S Hardy | 16 April 2018, 18:04PM
I have just read the comments on bogus officials and found your info very helpful. Unfortunately these con men typically call on the older generation. Most of the older generation do not use online services and so will not have read the info. Could we not get leaflets posted through vunerable persons doors so they have this valuable info. I would gladly post some leaflets freely if i could print this off from your website. Is this allowed?