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Policing Plan

Here is our new Policing Plan, which sets out the force's priorities between now and March 2019.

Central to the Plan will be the implementation of a new Operating Model, which sets out how the force will be structured to deliver its services. The Model includes a commitment to neighbourhood policing, including an investment in officer working in our communities, undertaking early intervention and preventative work.

The Plan builds on the five priorities set out in the Police & Crime Commissioner's Safer, Fairer, United Communities strategy. These are:

  • Modernised policing - a modern and transformed police service fit for a changing future, able to address existing and new issues and the threat and harm that impact from local, regional, national and international criminal activity.
  • Early intervention - preventing crime and antisocial behaviour and providing early help to individuals, families and communities before problems become entrenched, more complex and costly to resolve.
  • Supporting victims and witnesses - ensuring that victims, witnesses and their families are supported in a way that recognises their individual circumstances and places them at the very heart of all criminal justice processes. 
  • Managing offending and reoffending - being able to reduce offending and reoffending in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.
  • Public confidence - ensuring that the people of Staffordshire are better informed and involved in how policing and community safety arrangements are delivered, helping thereby to increase public confidence and reduce the fear of crime.

The Plan emphasises the importance of effective working with other statutory agencies, including local government. By working closely with partners, the force can focus on early intervention and prevention, working with those individuals and families at risk of becoming victims of crime, or falling into criminal behaviour.

The Plan also maintains and strengthens the force's commitment to victims and witnesses, and strengthening their voice in the criminal justice system.

The Chief Constable will be held to account for progress against the Policing Plan by the Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Ellis, through a series of performance meetings.

Click here to view the full Policing Plan:
Policing Plan 2018-2019 [2MB]