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Control on their Console

Guidance and signposting to help you get to grips with the parental control settings on all the latest games consoles.

All of the latest games consoles allow parents and carers to place restrictions on the type of content that children can access on them. If you have a console that isn't included in the list below, or have an issue not covered in our guide, please visit the manufacturer's website, where further help will be available.

Xbox One

  • Sign in to the adult's Microsoft account at Xbox.com
  • Under 'My Xbox', select 'Profile'
  • Select Privacy settings or online safety on Xbox One
  • Select the account you want to look at
  • Review the settings currently in place and update them
  • Save your changes on each tab before moving on

Playstation Four (PS4)

  • Check the PEGI age rating of the game on its packaging or online.
  • To view the parental control level for a game on-screen, turn on the Playstation and select the game in the content area, press the OPTIONS button on the controller, and then select [Information].
  • When a game has age restions, the parental control level will appear in the [Parental Controls] field.
  • Use the table below to understand how PEGI age rating levels correspond to parental control levels.

PS4 parental control settings


Nintendo Switch

Through the App you can set limits to how long your children can play on their Nintendo Switch at one time, or in a single day. You can also restrict games above a particular age rating or containing certain types of content, such as violence or swearing. The App even allows you to set limits on the things they can do over the internet while using their Nintendo Switch, like sending photos or messages, accessing social media, or making purchases.

For further information about the Parental Controls App, please visit the Nintendo website here.​

PEGI ratings

PEGI labels appear on the front and back of the game packaging, and must also be shown if a game is for sale online.  They rate how appropriate the content of the game is for children to experience. Difficulty level is not a factor. The PEGI website has a library of games with their PEGI ratings.

PEGI Age Rating

Small online games can also be rated by PEGI. The PEGI OK label certifies that an online game is suitable for all age ranges and does not contain any potentially unsuitable game content.


For further information on what the labels mean, please visit the PEGI website, here.

In addition to an age rating, PEGI highlight game content that could be offensive or unsuitable. There are 8 content declarations.

PEGI Violence - Violence - Game contains depictions of violence

PEGI Language - Bad Language - Game contains bad language

PEGI Fear - Fear - Game contains scenes which may be frightening or scary for young children

PEGI Sex - Sex - Game contains nudity and/or sexual behaviour and/or sexual references

PEGI Drugs - Drugs - Game contains depictions of drug use or references to drugs

PEGI Discrimination - Discrimination - Game contains depictions or content that may encourage discrimination

PEGI Gambling - Gambling - Game encourages or teaches gambling

PEGI Online - Online - Game has at least some online features