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New Staffordshire cadets sworn-in during graduation ceremony


More than 30 new cadets were sworn-in during a graduation ceremony in the presence of the Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, senior Staffordshire Police dignitaries and the mayor.

Matthew Ellis, Police and Crime Commissioner, and deputy Sue Arnold, along with Assistant Chief Constable Nick Adderley, Chief Superintendent Elliott Sharrard-Williams, watched 31 cadets and five leaders take the oath at Staffordshire County Buildings.

It takes the county-wide total of cadets to 228.

Mr Ellis said: 'The Staffordshire Cadets were simply an idea just four years ago.

'Since then the programme has grown and grown, getting better and better all the time. Helping to develop great citizens for Staffordshire in the future is at its very heart.

'Last night we met young people with growing confidence a strong sense of community spirit and real determination to make a difference. That's what I hoped for back in 2013 and that has now become a reality thanks to the dedication of a growing group of volunteers, many involved with Staffordshire Police and many who are not.'

Sue Arnold, the deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, added: 'We are very proud to have one of the most vibrant cadet services in the country.

'It was wonderful to see so many proud families and happy youngsters at Staffordshire County Buildings.

'I've seen young people from all backgrounds; grow in confidence immeasurably from not saying boo to a goose one minute to playing vital supportive roles at major events. This is what being in the cadets is all about - making a difference, helping the community, growing self-confidence and discipline.'

Nick Adderley, Assistant Chief Constable Staffordshire Police, said: 'I was proud to be there last night and to welcome these young adults into the policing family.

'It's encouraging to see so many - they're all here because they want to make a difference.

'What they learn will make them better citizens and a credit to their families and to society. They have a long journey ahead of them and I wish them all the very best of luck.'

The Staffordshire Police Cadets, established by the PCC Matthew Ellis in 2013 and delivered by Staffordshire Police, regularly take part in lots of different activities in the community.

14 Nov 2017 14:23:21 GMT
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Great night
Posted by: Steve Breeze. | 14 November 2017, 18:44PM
Really was a great night and very well delivered. Very proud to see my daughter and her fellow cadets doing something so worth while. Well done and thank you to all involved.