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Proud of our people nominations - October 2017

Each month we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

PC Louise Giles and PC Ruth Plant 

Excellent work - arrest of registered sex offender. A male serving a life sentence for rape & false imprisonment offences which were Domestic Violence related on his then 17 year old partner was released from prison in June 2017, moving Stoke on Trent in October 2017.

PC Plant and DC Giles conducted an unannounced visit to the male to speak to him about a reported incident a few days previous. On arrival there was a female at the address with her 5 year old daughter, both had stayed overnight. His licence conditions include that he must notify developing relationships and cannot reside even for one night with a child without prior approval. They initially stated that they were not in a relationship and were just friends and he had informed his OM of the 'friendship'. He was arrested for fail to notify residence with a child as the woman had also stayed overnight the previous weekend with another daughter and he had not notified this. The female subsequently made a statement to the effect that they had been in an intimate, sexual relationship for a number of weeks and he had told her not to tell anybody. She described extremely concerning controlling behaviour, which mirrored traits from his index offence, which just fell short of coercion and control. A S.18 search was conducted and a mobile phone was recovered which he had hidden. He was further arrested for breach of his licence. Liaison took place with out of hours Probation and emergency recall to prison was invoked.                                           

On interview, he still maintained that it was not an intimate relationship but when challenged and told that his phone had been recovered which would be forensically examined, he conceded that it was a sexual relationship. The CPS decision was to charge him with breaching his Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) and fail to notify residence with a child. The man will be appearing Court for the offences. Without doubt, this intervention has prevented the woman becoming a further victim.  
____________________________________________________________________ Family safety                   

DC 665 Kirsty May, DC Jacqueline Wood, Mrs Sonia Wiseman, Mr Robert Stewart, Miss Victoria Johnson, Mrs Deborah Maddock

A registered sex offender who has previous convictions for contact offences against children, which included Rape of a child aged under 13 years was sentenced in 2006 to 12 years imprisonment, put on the sex offender registration for life and had a sexual offences prevention order in which there were prohibitions.

He has been living in the community for a number of years, when DC May received information that he was possibly in a relationship with a vulnerable female who had two young children.  DC May completed the enquiries into this information, including joint visits with Children's Services.  Following these joint visits, the Mother of the children denied any knowledge of him, as did the children. Although DC May ensured that the relevant information was shared to Partner Agencies.  The following agencies were also involved, National Probation Service, Local Education Authority, and Staffordshire Children's Services.

As a result of these referrals, DC May was contacted with regards to concerning behaviour by the children, which led DC May to make further enquiries to gain telephone data to assist in identifying any potential contact.  Investigative Analyst Deborah Maddock has assisted in interpreting the data, and provided great support quickly so that a package was ready for when he was arrested.  This data led to information to suggest that he had been residing overnight with the same female who had denied contact with him and potentially her children.  A warrant was obtained for the females address.

The warrant was executed and DC May continued to make enquiries to locate the offender.  The Mother of the children was spoken to and she admitted that she had been having contact with the offender, they were in a relationship, and he had been staying regularly overnight and even having unsupervised access to her children whilst she had been in hospital.  The Mother, suffers significantly with Parkinson's disease so a video interview was completed at the home address the same day.

The male was arrested the same day and further electrical devices were seized.  This resulted in him being charged with Breach of Sexual Offences Prevention Order, as well as offences against his sex offender notification requirements, as he had been spending more than 12 hours with a child.  The team worked significantly long hours over the weekend to ensure that he was remanded in Police custody, and appeared before the next available court. The offender was subsequently remanded into HMP custody.

The children, were discussed later that week under a Child Protection Plan. 

Despite dealing with a very large caseload DC May has continued to be thorough and ensure that she continued to investigate this offender despite initially being told there was no contact at all.  DC May and her colleagues should be recognised for their work during the investigation in ensuring that children have been safeguarded, and this offender has returned to Prison.  A number of departments assisted along the way including FSI, TST and Local Policing, to show great teamwork across all areas of Staffordshire Police.

Sgt 5468 David Rowlands, PC 5800 Jamie Stewart, PC 930 Kane Martin, PC 750 Karen Bloor, PC 22560 Mark Boyles

I am a former British Soldier and West Midlands Police Officer who is a sufferer of severe PTSD. 
In the early hours of today, Sunday 15 October 2017, I had a breakdown caused by my PTSD whilst at a charity function being held at the Hilton, at St George's Park, Burton-Upon-Trent.

I would like to thank your officers for their professionalism and understanding toward myself and dealing with a sensitive situation in an outstanding manner and if your officers did not find me it may of been a different outcome from this one now.
My fiance has nothing but good things to say about Sgt Rowlands and the rest of your team. The compassion, thoroughness and professionalism shown throughout was outstanding and I know was enormously appreciated.

cadet Cadet Sarah McGraw

I would like to bring to your attention the outstanding work of one of your Cadets, from Longton this evening. At 17:25 hours I took a 999 call from Sarah McGraw who was in the area of Longton Park. Sarah had become aware of an unknown male who was presenting as under the influence of either drink or drugs and was unable to stand or walk. Sarah was concerned by the male's condition and the fact that he was close to the water.

Sarah observed a member of the public trying to help the male and when he became aggressive towards the female Sarah dialled 999. Sarah provided me with very clear and calm commentary including her exact location and a detailed description of the male. Initially this was ran as a grade 2 incident with the assistance of ambulance being called. During the call the male started to make his way out on to Trentham Road heading towards Newstead which due to his condition increased the risk considerably due to the busy road that he was now on. Sarah, followed the male at a safe distance remaining on the call to myself allowing me to make the decision to upgrade the incident to a grade 1. This continuous commentary also allowed the attending Ambulance crew to be updated with the male's condition and location. 

Police and Ambulance crew's eventually caught up with the male some 25 minutes after the initial call made by Sarah and took appropriate safe guarding steps to prevent the male coming to any further harm. Sarah displayed a level of professionalism and conduct that we would expect from serving officers. Her selfless actions prevented numerous calls to the control room at a very busy time and also ensured the safety of a person not known to her at an obviously very difficult time in their lives.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to Sarah and commend her in her actions tonight. It is clear that she takes her role as a Police Cadet seriously and with great pride.

PC 5610 Bonnie Jenkins

PC Jenkins and I attended a report of a domestic dispute taking place. On arrival at the address it was clear that the couple were elderly and in need of assistance as the male party was suffering from dementia. I took the male out of the way whilst PC Jenkins took time to sit with his wife. She was clearly distressed by the situation and wanted help which she felt she wasn't getting from social services. PC Jenkins continued with her efforts to contact family members which finally resulted in the couple's daughter attending. The man was confused throughout but PC Jenkins engaged with both him and his wife, reassuring them. We had been promised that social services would make further contact with the family that day. The following day PC Jenkins was on patrol in the same area and again took the time to speak to the man's wife. Being informed that social services had not contacted the family PC Jenkins made a further referral herself to impress on those concerns that the man's wife required help from them both in the short and long term. Again a great job done.

PC 5654 Alison Birtwistle

PC Birtwistle and I attended and incident on 25th August when we were looking for a missing woman, who had taken a quantity of tablets. Unfortunately we struggled to find any info out about the woman from the informant. However following continued attempts by PC Birtwistle, she managed to contact the missing woman by text. Over some time she built the woman's trust which lead her on to making a phone call.  PC Birtwistle kept the woman talking and despite being heavily intoxicated, her location was established and medical attention sought. She was taken to A&E for treatment.  A great piece of work.

PC 5520 Jon Snape and PC 23475 Sean Jarrett Protecting Vulnerable People

I am a qualified professional, who, unfortunately, has been suffering with some mental health issues recently. I was alerted to the police as a high risk missing person. Jon found me. He treated me with the utmost respect, travelled with me in the ambulance at my request, and stayed with me as long as he could in the 136 Harpland suite. This was my 3rd 136 in 4 days, and whilst I was treated well each time, PC Jon Snape is the one that sticks in my mind. He levelled with me and talked to me without judgement.

I have had far too many 136 dealings with yourselves recently. I honestly do not want to have these meetings with you. I have met many of you now but PC Sean Jarrett is just lovely. I was picked up after leaving the Harplands. He never judged me. He sat and listened to me, opened up to me and knew how to relax me. Sean and Jon are amazing. They honestly need to be commended. Never lose people like these two from your force. They make me feel proud to have them in our community. Thank you both so much. You changed my mind set the night I saw you on separate occasions (which is not an easy task). There should be more people like Jon and Sean in this world. Thank you.

PC 5348 Mark Warrilow and PC 25470 Adam Charlesworth

On the morning of the 31st of July whilst away for my 40th birthday celebrations, I found my best friend unconscious in his bed.  The emergency services were called with two ambulance crews working to revive him. He was pronounced dead at around 9.30am. 
What transpired between 8.30am to 2pm was the most horrific time of my life, my wife working tirelessly to protect his and our children, to ensure they never saw or questioned anything. The ambulance crew exhausted from trying their hardest, PC Mark Warrilow and PC Adam Charlesworth aiming to piece together the events that led to such an untimely death.
I would like commend and compliment both officers, they helped both my wife and I through an extremely difficult time.  We were both in considerable shock, but we had no choice but to be functional to the situation, this is where both officers were a credit to the force.  Once the ambulance crews had left - they were fantastic, both informative and caring.  Taking their time with the statement, updating me on the coroner, to packing my friends belongings and personal effects.  We were 100's of miles from home, with a massive delay from the coroner and both officers helped us throughout, we couldn't have coped without them.
My friend passed away from SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome), he was 38.  Thank you for your service.

PC 5720 Daniel Forster

PC Forster attended an incident as part of managed crime appointment where a family had contacted police asking for support in relation to an ex-partner of the daughter that had been causing issues for them. The brief circumstances were that this was a traditional Muslim family that had arranged with consent for their daughter to marry a male and an ex-partner of hers had begun to harass her by attending the address and texting her. They had also received from him videos of the daughter taken whilst during the relationship. Several members of the family had contacted the police on a number of occasions and had spoken with a number of different officers and police staff but never felt confident we could resolve the problem and it would ever stop. PC Forster recognised that there was a number of issues that had not been addressed and also that the family had started to lose faith in our ability to protect them. He worked tirelessly over three days recognising that it required an intensive investigation and developing a trust within the family. The result of this was that it was revealed that other family members had also been the victim of receiving messages but had been too embarrassed to speak about it previously. The victim herself was initially reluctant to reveal the full extent of the harassment partly due to cultural issues but also to her engagement being affected. Again PC Forster was able to gain her trust by displaying professionalism and patience and the full extent of the abuse was revealed. The male had been threatening to attend and disrupt the wedding and various guests were making threats to harm him if he did. By PC Forster's involvement with the family and the strong bond in particular he had made with the father of the victim he was able to diffuse this with reassurance of police action and expedite his enquiries to arrest the male, who was served with a non-molestation order. The level of appreciation was noted when the family even asked if PC Forster would be allowed to attend the wedding. The way PC Forster dealt with this matter and cared about gaining a positive outcome shows how we can make a difference to people's lives and the positive image we can leave people with about the service we do.