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Proud of our people nominations - September 2017

Each month we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

PC Karl Green

My experience involved my handbag being stolen from the place where I volunteer on a regular weekly basis. I take anti-depressants and this theft had really heightened my anxiety. PC Karl Green came to my house to take a statement from me and he was incredibly kind and reassuring. I was very nervous giving my witness statement but he talked me through the process of giving a witness statement and carefully asked me the questions related to the theft. So I just want to say thank you so much to PC Karl for his kindness.

PC Emma Hughes and Jo Fullick Family safety

We had been asked by Cheshire Police VSOM unit to visit an address in S-O-T where it was believed a sex offender may have been visiting again, and that there had been children there in the past. 

As a direct result of Emma Hughes and Jo Fullick's work at the location they gathered evidence to show that the sex offender has been spending time with a child, the mother of which had previously stated that she would never allow contact again. Emma and Jo have then completed the immediate safeguarding work with children's services to ensure the safety of the child overnight and obtained statements to help prove further offences.

This has resulted in the sex offender from Cheshire being arrested, charged and remanded in Police custody until the next available court with a further offence in relation to his notification requirements.  The child is now an open case to Stoke-on -Trent Children's Services.

This happens almost daily in the office, but think it's worth highlighting the work we do.

PC George Watling and PC Ian Hubbard

My wife and I were involved in a traffic accident on the A5 adjacent to J12 of M6, where a large articulated lorry forced us off the road onto the central grass area. This severely damaged our car and left us both very shaken and dazed. Your officer's response was amazingly quick, calming and efficient, with reinforcements arriving also very quickly. But particularly appreciated by my wife and myself was the caring and considerate way they looked after us, we really don't know what we would have done without their help. Police officers have a difficult, and we are sure at times a thankless task, but we would like to
thank them all most sincerely, they were a credit to your force.

 Michelle Shaker

I work for Loggerheads Parish Council and set up the local Speed Watch group 3 years ago and am a Speed Watch volunteer. Michelle Shaker, your Community Speed Watch Co-ordinator, has done an excellent job at organising and encouraging speed watch groups to join in your Operation Edward day. She has been out and about today showing her support to the volunteers, which they loved, as getting a personal thank you for volunteering cannot be underestimated.

Her enthusiasm and passion for her job has seen the number of speed watch groups in Staffordshire increase significantly.  She is always willing to follow up on suggestions and has introduced meetings for the Speed watch groups to get together to share ideas and give feedback. I know that if I ask something I will always get a response.

Well done Michelle and thank you for being great to work with.

PC Aron Brown

I recently had a burglary take place at my address whilst I was at work. The keys to my brother's car were taken from the house and the car was stolen from the drive. When I returned from work PC Aron Brown was already at my address and was excellent in making me feel comfortable during such a distressing time. He took my statement and was extremely polite. He even made me laugh a few times and was just a genuinely nice person. People like PC Aron Brown are the officers who restore faith in the police force and do really make a difference within the community. It's comforting knowing people like PC Aron Brown are protecting the area I live in and that they will go above and beyond my expectations when called upon.

PC Jon Vernon, PC Jamie Gotheridge, PC Michael Brewster and PC Piers Wilkins

Helping Hand I would like to nominate members of Lichfield Response Shift 2 for a Proud of our People nomination following their successful locating of a High Risk Missing Person from the West Midlands.

The circumstances were as follow:

A report from West Midlands Police that a high risk missing person had left his home address following a domestic incident, stating he was going to gas himself in his car (something his father had done 5 years previously).

West Mids have conducted phone work and identified an expansive area around Buzzard Valley Fisheries at Bassetts Pole where the male was believed to be.

This area is densely wooded and contains numerous fishing pools, so bearing in mind the search was to be conducted in hours of darkness, it proved to be extremely difficult.

The Officers mentioned above immediately commenced a structured area search of the location and after some time PC Piers Wilkins and PC Jon Vernon located the vehicle in a secluded lay-by off a country lane. They quickly located a hidden pipe passing from the exhaust,  under the vehicle, and in through a rear window. The officers dislodged the pipe before forcing entry to the vehicle by breaking a window.

They managed to rouse the occupant who was reclined in his seat, and although initially unresponsive, only being woken by the smashing glass, he has been extracted and after a short time was walking and talking.

The car was completely filled with fumes that have taken effect on the Officers at the scene; despite this they have continued to monitor the male's welfare until other patrols came to assist and the male taken away by ambulance. 

How the male was conscious with the amount of fumes is anyone's guess but suffice to say that every second counted and without their structured search, quick thinking and actions at the scene the incident would have been a fatality.

I believe that the officers showed immense perseverance and determination to not only locate the vehicle and the male, but also ensure that the male remained alive.

PC Rebecca Evans

I wish to acknowledge and compliment the efforts made by PC 5644 Evans.

I attended the police station a few weeks ago over an on-going incident/complaint and felt that this was never quite dealt with thoroughly.  PC Evans listened to my concerns and left me feeling safer knowing that my concern/complaint was going to be dealt with properly.

I was contacted several times throughout this time by PC Evans advising of the position at which my complaint was at, irrespective of how busy Staffordshire Police are, this lady ensured I was fully aware at every stage.

PC Evans should be recognised for her efforts and it is with that to which I greatly owe my gratitude. 

Thank you very much for your time, I am so very grateful.

Sgt Julia Sandiford, PC Mark Lewis and Sgt Allan Jeffery Helpful blue


I would like to thank the blond haired custody Sergeant for the way she dealt with me and the interviewing officer,  very professional, non-discriminatory and very fair. The Proud of our People award should be considered as it seems rare these days that officers deal empathetically with vulnerable adults, through a lack of mental health training provided in the force. If people were as considerate when dealing with the vulnerable, incidents and complaints would drop.  I would also like to thank the officer who charged me for the same attitude.