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Proud of our people nominations - August 2017

Each month we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

PC Farzana Khan and PC Venus Wakley

Following a commitment at Burton custody, PCs Khan and Wakley came across a distressed female Helping Handstanding on a bridge, the wrong side of a pedestrian barrier guard. The female is well known to the police, she had taken a number of tablets and pulled stitches out of her arm before climbing the pedestrian barrier to jump onto the railway tracks below.

The officers immediately intervened to prevent the female from jumping, grabbing her to prevent her from falling, they then worked together to pull her back over the barrier to safety. There is no doubt that due to the bravery of PCs Khan and Wakley the female was prevented from receiving serious or fatal injuries, she had previously attempted the same, breaking both her legs.

PCSO Adam McAree

My partner and I arrived at the scene of this road traffic collision soon after the PCSO and the first ambulance. There were two seriously injured people, a large crowd, a car in a ditch and a very busy main road.

The PCSO took control. Quickly identified first the right people to assist with each task needed. He charmingly explained he was alone and needed our help which was gladly given.

When other officers arrived and took over control he went to each member of the public and thanked them in turn. Some of the other officers taking somewhat longer to remember they police by consent.

He should be commended for his actions. The calm way in which he conducted himself, even though as an ex officer myself I knew he felt out of his depth.

PC Richard Boulter and Ms Silvana Fields

I am writing to ask if you would please pass on my thanks to PC 4407 Boulter who attended the accident. I was travelling back to my home in Bedfordshire, from the Wirral and decided to take the A50 to visit my son who lives just outside Derby when the accident occurred.

Throughout the whole, extremely unpleasant experience PC4407 Boulter displayed calm professionalism and provided a hugely reassuring presence, by remaining with me until my son arrived to take me home, and my car was recovered.

Following the accident I called 999 and spoke with a female call handler, who patiently asked me several questions in an attempt to ascertain precisely where, on the A50 I was, so she could send assistance. Unfortunately, I did not get her name, but if you are able to identify who it was I spoke with, please convey my thanks to her too.

PC Ellie Sewell

Sadly, my husband died in a car accident on 20th January 2017, on the A51 between Hopwas and Packington.

PC Ellie Sewell, Family Liaison Officer, was allocated to myself and my children. From the horrific time that I met her through until just after the inquest, Ellie has been a tremendous support and I feel has gone above and beyond her duties. She has been there for me when I needed. She has guided me through the difficult circumstances and processes, being honest with me, explaining what I could expect, helping with the press, preparing me but being mindful to not take over in any aspect. She has simply supported  me to make the decisions necessary.
Protecting Vulnerable People

I cannot praise her enough for her sensitivity to how I was feeling and her insightfulness into my stages of grief and feelings to expect. We have laughed together, cried together, she has guided me through decisions relating to the funeral, inquest, explaining things to the children and returning to work. She has also been extremely helpful to the wider family, through ringing or emailing airports to help with arranging flights for family for the funeral, providing supporting evidence for insurance companies for cancelled holidays, arranging escort so that we could attend the scene of the accident to lay tributes and providing transport for myself to the inquest.

I do not know how I would have got through the past 7 months without her support, advice and guidance.

I should also like to thank the police officers who attended the scene and tried to help my husband and also those who have investigated the collision and those who had the extremely difficult task of informing me of Andy's death. Unfortunately, I do not recall their names due to the traumatic state I was in at the time. But overall it has been Ellie who has carefully walked me through what was a horrific circumstance.