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The High Sheriff's Millennium Vase presented to PCSO Emily Sharp and PCSO Karen Willis - Local Policing South

The Award

The High Sheriff's Millennium Vase was presented to Staffordshire Police by Mr Roger Whitfield during his term of office as Staffordshire High Sheriff during 1992 and 1993.

Each year it is awarded to the police officer, member of the Special Constabulary or member of police staff, who the Chief Constable decides has carried out the most meritorious act (which includes acts of bravery or work of excellence).

High Sheriff's Millennium Vase - PCSOs Emily Sharp and Karen WillisCitation

On 24 January 2017, PCSOs Sharp and Willis were informed by a member of the public that a man had collapsed on a bus in Cannock. They immediately took charge of the incident and PCSO Sharp checked for signs of life. Having established the man had no pulse, she then commenced chest compressions and requested an ambulance. When the paramedics arrived, the level of care was so proficient that the paramedics asked the officers to continue with the chest compressions while they dealt with other parts of the resuscitation. The man regained a pulse and was soon breathing for himself. He was taken to hospital, but unfortunately his condition deteriorated and he passed away.

On 21 June 2107, PCSOs Sharp and Willis were tasked to assist in locating a high-risk missing person who had intimated that she was going to kill herself.  Information indicated that she would be in the Longdon area. They planned a route in order to search for the woman and the vehicle that she was believed to be driving. They located the woman's vehicle on a country road and on approaching the vehicle they could see that she was in the driver's seat. They were in the process of commencing CPR when the woman started to breath and was placed in the recovery position.

Both officers are a pleasure to work alongside, and their commitment and dedication is second to none.

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