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The Sue Parker Award presented to Constable Claire Goodridge - Local Policing South

The Award

Susan Kathryn Parker was a serving Staffordshire Police constable when she died from illness on 20 April 1978. Her family presented the force with a trophy to be awarded annually to the female police officer whom the Chief Constable considers has carried out the most meritorious act or work during the previous year.

Sue Parker Award - Constable Claire GoodridgeCitation

On 18 April 2017, PC Claire Goodridge was on duty when she responded to a report of a robbery.

She quickly identified the suspect and located him in a vehicle nearby. She knew the suspect to be violent and aggressive but whilst on her own, stepped forward to arrest him. The suspect refused to be arrested and despite PC Goodridge taking hold of him, he exited the vehicle and dragged her through the vehicle and dumped her on the floor on the other side. 

PC Goodridge did not give in and chased the suspect, containing him within several gardens. Here she located the suspect in a shed where she was threatened with a crowbar. She expected to be hit with the crowbar but managed to successfully spay the suspect with Pava, who then pushed her out of the way and made off again.

Affected now by her own Pava spray, PC Goodridge refused to give up and chased the suspect to a point where he was arrested.

The determination, bravery and commitment of PC Goodridge is outstanding and led to a prison sentence for the suspect. PC Goodridge's commitment is unwavering for which she is a credit to Staffordshire Police.

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