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The David Beech Award for Local Policing presented to Constable Matthew Holding - Operational Services

The Award

PC Dave Beech was a local officer having come from Leek where he grew up. Dave began his policing career as a special constable serving his home community on Leek and the Moorlands. Dave then went on to achieve his dream and became a full time constable with Staffordshire police serving at Kidsgrove and Newcastle police stations. He received several commendations and had a bright future in a job that he loved and was proud of until he was tragically taken from us in a fire at his home in 2014. Dave is missed every day by his family, friends and colleagues and this award is a fitting tribute to his memory.

An individual or team nomination must be seen as performing well above what is reasonably expected. One-off events should only be included to illustrate overall performance achievements. Consistency and high performance is the essence of this award.

The David Beech Award - Constable Matthew HoldingCitation

As a team, PC Matthew Holding and PD Ben have shown outstanding commitment to reducing crime and making Staffordshire a safer place to live.

During the last 12 months they have arrested 98 people for an array of offences capturing some of Staffordshire's most active criminals. The team have been involved in safeguarding our communities by targetting organised crime groups and those who travel to Staffordshire to commit crime.

PC Holding has shown consistency throughout his 20 years' service, and to date he has arrested over 2,000 people. They also have an excellent record in keeping the roads of Staffordshire safe by seizing 79 vehicles for having no insurance and processing a further 97 drivers for other driving offences in the last 12 months. During the 2016 Drink Drive campaign, they arrested ten drink drivers; the single biggest contribution from any officer.

PC Holding immerses himself in local policing and has attended over 1,000 incidents in the last 12 months; dealing with anything from theft to domestic violence. Together with PD Ben, aside from their daily exploits dealing with crime and dangers on our roads, they have also been successful in tracking and locating vulnerable missing persons. The flexibility of this team in delivering consistently high levels of performance, safeguarding the vulnerable, bringing offenders to justice and reducing casualties on our roads is truly outstanding.

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