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The Christopher James Award for the Community Police Officer of the Year presented to Longton Neighbourhood Team, Local Policing North, Shift Two

The Award

Christopher James was a serving constable at Stafford when he died from illness on 3rd December 1974. His family and friends presented a trophy to the force in memory of Christopher. This trophy is awarded to the Community Police Officer whose actions have led to an improvement of police/public relations.

The officer must have demonstrated a problem-solving approach to policing in partnership and with the support of the community.

Christopher James Award - Longton NT Shift TwoCitation

Longton Neighbourhood Team shift 2 have performed far and above the expected level of neighbourhood officers. Their attitude towards problem solving and making lives better is inspirational. 

In the last year they have resolved a long standing anti-social behaviour issue in Meir, Stoke-on-Trent, having captured names of repeat offenders through proactive policing and partnership working. They have controlled gang violence in Normacot by gathering intelligence and names through bodycam use and community engagement. This led to the issuing of 13 acceptable behaviour contracts and two community protection warnings.

They have organised and staffed one of the largest events in Stoke-on-Trent - The Emergency Service Day, which was attended by 15,000 people. They have launched cooperative working with British Transport Police, Nash Dom and Immigration to deal with illegal money lending, damage to rail networks and anti-social behaviour on railways and immigration-related crime. Officers have been instrumental in conceiving and developing the VIP scheme and Junior Police Cadets, inspiring tomorrows generation and caring for those in need.

The team are experts in social media and community engagement, attracting numerous media articles and hundreds of followers - even inspiring a community meal attended by 50 people in the Meir community centre.

Their work, attitude and performance is unrivalled across the county.

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