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The Josephine (Joey) Cotterill Award presented to Mrs Helen Hollis - Contact Services

The Award

Josephine Cotterill was a well-known and respected member of police staff. She served for ten years with Staffordshire Police, working as a payroll and pensions officer at Headquarters. Joey fought a long illness and sadly died on 6 August 2003.

Her family presented their award to the Chief Constable in 2004 to recognise and reward a member of police staff whose contributions to public service delivery are over and above that which would normally be expected, or for instigating original work which enhances the service provided by Staffordshire Police, or to recognise an individual of long-standing service who has demonstrated continual outstanding service to Staffordshire Police.

Josephine Cotterill Award - Mrs Helen HollisCitation

Helen is the pinnacle of what we require a leader to be. She develops trust, sets an example, displays a role model mentality and most important of all, Helen cares. Helen cares about her staff and the people she serves, namely the public of Staffordshire.

Helen's attention to detail is legendary to fulfil the right attitude. Her knowledge and expertise within her role makes her the person to go to. Helen is an honest individual, who believes in telling it how it is especially when delivering feedback to her staff. You know where you are with Helen, it is as simple as that.

It can be said that Helen is never off duty and will frequently support colleagues with welfare issues when not at work. Helen does not have to be asked, she does it because it is what a leader does. Helen is the 'Shift Mum' and utilises the skill of listening to great effect in order to achieve and promote a successful working environment. Staffordshire Police has benefitted from nearly 40 years of proud undiminished service from Helen and this recognition is completely deserved.

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