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Investigative Services Award presented to Detective Sergeant Jonathan Bradbury

The Award

This award is designed to acknowledge exceptional investigative work and is open to investigative personnel only.

Investigative Services - DS Jonathan BradburyCitation

In June 2016, Detective Sergeant Jon Bradbury was appointed as the intelligence lead for Operation Engaged. Since taking up this role, he's provided outstanding, inspired leadership and has been instrumental in delivering the operational objectives of making Staffordshire a hostile place to travelling criminals who deal in drugs, whilst also safeguarding the vulnerable.  He has achieved this by not only leading his Intelligence team, but also by co-ordinating activity across both the force and the region.

Jon does this by effectively leading his own team, but by also establishing excellent working relationships with other teams across the force and region such as Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG), Operational Support, Crime Support and Neighbourhood Action Teams. This includes providing them with clear plans and objectives and continuing intelligence support throughout, which leads to focused activity and plans being effectively implemented.

Jon makes best use the knowleldge and experience he has gained over many years, providing tactical advice and doing all he can to facilitate quality investigations and infleuence positive outcomes at the earliest opportunity. Despite this sometimes being difficult Jon does not give up and is relentless and resilient in doing a first class job, ensuring offenders who pose the greatest risk are not allowed back on the streets. 

As a result of this activity, Jon has been central to 250 arrests, the seizing of significant amounts of drugs, the recovery of weapons including knives, firearms and ammunition and the safeguarding of many vulnerable people, all have which has been achieved in a 14 month period.

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