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The Staffordshire Police Unison Award presented to Debra Hayes - People Services

The Award

The award will be presented to a person whose actions have benefited the community and or work colleague and reflects the values of UNISON and Staffordshire Police.

The nominated person must be a Staffordshire Police UNISON Branch Member. Any employee of Staffordshire Police can nominate a recipient.

Staffs Police Unison Award - Debra HayesCitation

Debra Hayes has been the Human Resource Officer (HRO) for the South Eastern area of Local Policing for six years. During this time, she has built an excellent knowledge of the police officers and staff that work within this area whilst providing local commanders with a comprehensive knowledge of policy and the law. Deb can always be relied upon to provide balanced and sound advice when dealing with often quite complex and delicate people issues.

Efficient, knowledgeable and dedicated, Deb has overcome some medical issues herself, combating a serious illness with great courage and resilience returning to work promptly and throwing herself back into the challenge with her normal high level of energy and positive attitude. Quietly unassuming Deb is passionate about looking after 'her cops and staff' working diligently to support their wellbeing when they are recovering from sickness or just providing a calm and considerate shoulder to cry on.

During her time as HRO for the South East, she has had to deal with multiple cases of officers and staff having serious injuries on duty or suffering severe illness, with several sadly passing away. Throughout what is a traumatic time for families and colleagues, Deb has provided immeassurable support showing great compassion and empathy. She has visited several officers who have suffered teminal illness at home and whilst they were in a hospice to provide care and support. At the most traumatic of times, officers and their families have taken great comfort in her support and have valued the time she has spent with them.

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