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The Safeguarding Award presented to Sharon Coates and Sarah Hutchinson - Investigative Services

The Award

This award is given in recognition of an individual/team's significant contribution to safeguarding those most vulnerable within our communities.

Safeguarding Award - Sharon Coates and Sarah HutchinsonCitation

Sharon Coates and Sarah Hutchinson are the Public Protection Coordinators for Missing Persons. They have a real passion for their role and work tirelessly to ensure that all missing people are appropriately safeguarded at the earliest opportunity.

They demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism, dedication and commitment to their work in order to ensure that early intervention opportunities are taken in order to safeguard each and every missing person by reducing the level of risk that they are exposed to.

They have established an excellent working relationship with key partners, which assists with the exchange of information together with positive intervention and effective safeguarding. 

They have shown innovation by creating products that can be used by front-line officers during a missing person investigation such as the Missing Advice Leaflet which has been recognised as best practice and has now been shared nationally.

In recognition of the requirement for the initial risk assessment to be robust and accurate, a comprehensive training package has been designed by the team and delivered to all members of the Control Room.

Sharon and Sarah's dynamic and pro-active approach to safeguarding is very effective not only for the missing person concerned but also the wider community.

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