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The Chief Constable's Award for Lifetime Achievement presented to Detective Constable Trudi Rogerson - Investigative Services

The Award

The Chief Constable's Award for Lifetime Achievement was introduced in 2004 and is awarded to a police officer who will have spent around 30 years  service at the sharp end of policing fighting crime. The officer will also have a reputation for excellence in all areas and will have a high professional standing in the local community.

CC Lifetime Achievement Award - DC Trudi RogersonCitation

DC Rogerson joined Staffordshire Police in March 1981 and has given 36 years' continuous service in operational roles.

Trudi's experience as a Detective Constable is probably unparalleled within Staffordshire Police at this time. She has worked on a huge variety of criminal investigations with local, regional, national and international focus and has significantly contributed to positive outcomes on many occasions.

Trudi has formed professional bonds with extremely vulnerable female witnesses who have found themselves involved with males who have gone on to commit serious crimes. On many occasions Trudi has worked very hard with individuals to build their trust in her as an individual and the criminal justice process as a whole. Trudi has elicited extremely valuable testimony that has directly led to positive outcomes on a regular basis over many years.  Indeed on a number of major investigations, Senior Investigating Officers have specifically deployed Trudi when vulnerable girls and women have been identified and Trudi's skilful approach utilised to great effect.

Similarly, another important and particularly challenging area of criminal investigation in which Trudi has become an acknowledged expert is that of family liaison. She has worked closely with countless families over many years and has provided support, reassurance and assistance to dozens of families and individuals whose lives have been shattered by the impact of the most serious of crimes. The feedback offered at the end of such case has been nothing short of remarkable.

Trudi is the longest serving female officer Staffordshire has ever had and she remains as enthusiastic, motivated, professional and committed as the day she joined. Trudi is a fantastic ambassador for the service and role model to fellow officers and staff.

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