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Serving officer dismissed following Special Case Hearing


A serving officer has been dismissed with immediate effect following a conviction for conspiracy to defraud.

A Special Case Hearing has been held for David Gimbert, 37, following his conviction for conspiracy to defraud at Birmingham Crown Court for which he was sentenced on 6th October 2017.

The hearing, which was chaired by Chief Constable Gareth Morgan on Wednesday 11 October, found that Sgt Gimbert had breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in relation to:

1. Discreditable Conduct

2. Honesty and Integrity

Sgt Gimbert was dismissed with immediate effect.

Chief Constable Gareth Morgan said: "To retain Sgt Gimbert in Staffordshire Police would require me to rationalise and justify to the public that his conduct, which has been found to be discreditable and dishonest, can be mitigated by his subsequent public service. I do not believe this is either practical or tenable.

"I have an obligation to the public to maintain their confidence and to Staffordshire Police to set standards and expectations. I cannot reconcile either of these with retaining Sgt Gimbert in Staffordshire Police."

11 Oct 2017 12:39:24 BST
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