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Foreign Registered Vehicles

Why your foreign registered vehicle has been clamped and/or removed?

Your vehicle has been clamped and/or removed because it has either been in the UK for more than six months and has not been registered and taxed under UK rules, or you are a UK resident and you did not register and tax your vehicle when you brought it into the UK.

Foreign registered vehicle brought into the UK by non UK residents are usually exempt from UK tax and registration for up to six months in any twelve-month period. This six month exemption is a requirement of EU legislation.

Once the exemption period has passed, or you become a UK resident, you must tax and register your foreign registered vehicle under UK rules immediately. Current UK residents must register and tax foreign vehicles under UK rules as soon as they bring the vehicle into the UK.

Click here [177KB] for information on using a foreign vehicle in the UK.

Paying the fees to release your vehicle

The fees you will need to pay are set out in the table below. You will also need to pay a surety fee (deposit). This will be refunded to you when have correctly taxed and registered your vehicle.

How to import, register and tax your vehicle in the UK

The pound will give you an 'Import Pack'. This will give you all of the information that you need to successfully import your vehicle into the UK. You will then be able to register and tax your vehicle in line with UK rules. Alternatively you can obtain a vehicle registration form from the Post Office.

Click here [196KB] for further information.