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Vehicle Recovery Compound Process

The release form, issued by Police Station staff, must then be taken to the vehicle recovery compound and produced by the person who has been authorised to reclaim the vehicle, along with their photographic ID.

You will need to pay the seizure fees [68KB]  and show the recovery operator your documentation before the vehicle is released.

How long do I have to collect my impounded/seized car?

From the date your car has been seized by the police you will have a total of 14 days to collect your car. After a 14 day period has elapsed the compound may destroy or auction off your car.

What if I don't want to collect my vehicle?

If you don't want the vehicle back, you can disclaim it by signing a form signing the vehicle over to us for disposal. This can be done by signing a disclaimer form at the recovery operator's premises. Once you disclaim the vehicle, further storage costs will not be applied, but you will still be liable for the recovery fee and storage up to that point.

If you don't want the vehicle back, we would prefer that you disclaim it rather than simply not turn up to collect it: it enables us to draw a line under the incident. The Disclaimer Form [117KB]  should be completed and taken to the recovery operator along with the V5 if you have one in your possession.