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If someone is reclaiming the vehicle or property on your behalf

As the registered keeper you are legally responsible for the vehicle. You should attend the police station in person to prove ownership, unless you can provide evidence that you are out of the country or there are compelling medical or compassionate circumstances which prevent you from being able to.

If after attending the police station to establish your ownership, you nominate someone to collect the vehicle on your behalf, they must present payment to the recovery operator once they have satisfied the release process at the police station and been issued with the release notice. They must have all of the documents mentioned above plus:

  • Authority letter - a letter signed by you authorising the third party to collect it on your behalf.
  • A copy of your passport or driving licence as proof of signature.
  • If the vehicle is being driven, a valid certificate of insurance that allows them to reclaim a seized vehicle and drive it from the pound. The nominated driver should normally be named as an additional driver on the registered keeper's own policy. Contact your insurer before attending the pound if there is any doubt.

Please note: This also applies to all recovery operators towing or lifting a vehicle on your behalf.