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Seminar Attendee Fraud - June 2017

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has identified a method utilised on occasion by organised fraud crime groups to attract potential victims into investment frauds.

Initially the fraudsters advertise and organise a seminar with the sole aim of attracting customer leads. Whilst some seminars may be perfectly legitimate, it is important 'would be' investors remain cautious. In some instances the organised crime group (OCG) coordinate a seminar that will be used to capture customer information to use for dishonest purposes. Intelligence shows that a number of OCGs have used this method to deceive victims.

Known techniques in publicising these seminars involve advertisements in newspapers or via email contact. Following the seminar, the attendees' details (or leads) will then be distributed to the marketing or sales outlet that the fraudster controls or has access to. Contact will then be made to engage the individual in a fraudulent investment as they have already shown themselves to be suitable targets with money to invest.

Whilst it may not be necessarily easy to identify if a lead generating event is legitimate, you should undertake suitable due diligence and assure yourself that the seminar you are planning to attend is genuine. If you have specific concerns where advice may involve investing in unregulated products, please seek as much information and advice prior to considering any investment.

Protection/prevention advice:

Seek independent financial advice as you deem appropriate prior to any investment.