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Proud of our people nominations - July 2017

Each month we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

PC Richard Lymer

Just watching cops UK bodycam squad - there was a policeman who was looking for a man with dementia, and found him at a bus station, followed him home on the bus ensuring he was safe - such a great respect from a police officer to an older gentleman - dementia friendliness at its best!! Congratulations Staffordshire Police!!

PC Karen Bloor

Handcuffs 3 blueDog handler PC Bloor was patrolling single crewed when her attention was drawn to a suspicious vehicle with three men on board. On approaching the vehicle one man ran off and PC Bloor successfully detained the other two. 

Further checks revealed that the vehicle was being used on false plates and had been involved in a number of high value fuel thefts in the area. The vehicle was seized and the two men conveyed to custody. An area search was completed by PC Bloor but the outstanding offender was not immediately located. 

However, PC Bloor remained in the area and three hours later her determination paid off. She saw a man on a pedal cycle. She stopped and searched him. She found paperwork in his possession linking the man to the seized vehicle. She had found the missing offender. It became clear that he had stolen the bicycle in order to get home having been denied the use of his car.

This incident demonstrated PC Bloor's determination and bravery. She was working alone in a remote area in the middle of the night yet managed to locate and arrest three men who had been travelling on a regular basis from an adjacent force area to commit crime in Staffordshire.

These men are prolific travelling offenders and I suspect are responsible for other crimes in the area. PC Bloor's actions resulted in the detection of outstanding crimes and prevented the commission of further offences.

PC Martin Banton

Martin was one of two officers who attended an RTC I was involved in. As part of the routine enquiries he discovered that I had been reported missing earlier that day. Through gentle but persistent questioning he discovered that I was experiencing a mental health crisis. He arranged an ambulance to transport me to hospital where I was assessed and eventually allowed home.

I cannot thank him enough for the care and compassion he showed to me and to my family that day; his actions may well have saved my life. I am now recovering at home with the support of my family; but for his intervention things may well have been very different.

Sgt Daniel Ferguson and PC Natalie Ward

I was assaulted while at work as a nurse and sustained a broken hip. I was taken to hospital and had an operation to insert a pin and plate in my leg. Two days later I made a statement about the incident and stated that I wanted to press charges against the individual concerned. From the outset this was a difficult case to prove as the person who assaulted me was a patient at the time. Sgt Daniel Ferguson took over the case and with PC Natalie Ward proceeded to take statements and gather evidence.

The overriding factor was to prove that the person who had assaulted me had competence and knew what they were doing at the time. After months of tracking down witnesses and requesting official documents from the trust a file was submitted to the CPS. When reviewed the CPS asked for a further ten items of evidence to be obtained before making a decision. Again PC Natalie Ward managed to gather the further evidence and it was submitted back to the CPS. The result is that this person has been charged with assault and is going to court. I cannot praise both these officers enough for the professional way they have gone about investigating a complex and difficult matter.

At every stage they have kept me informed of progress and seemed determined to see a positive result. Regardless of the outcome at court I would like to thank both officers for helping me through what has been a life changing incident, which I am still recovering from.

PC Peter Cole

Family safetyWe would like to thank you for all your support throughout this investigation.

You have made, what has been a very worrying and stressful time, a little more bearable thanks to your caring, patient and empathetic nature.You have kept us informed and guided us along every step of the way and we couldn't have wished for a better police officer to deal with the case.

I would like to say that hopefully our paths will cross again, but for all the right reasons, I hope they don't and this has been a life lesson learnt!