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About the Police Pensions Board

The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 transferred the legal responsibility for ensuring the proper administration of police pensions to chief officers as police pension authorities. The Chief Constable has therefore had the responsibility for the administration of the scheme in respect of police officers in Staffordshire Police, with the specific exception that the responsibility for the Chief Constable's own pension is the relevant Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) as pension supervising authority. Reform of the police pension scheme came into effect in April 2015. 

The Public Service Pensions Act 2013, the primary legislation under which the new police pension scheme is being developed, places more statutory emphasis on governance than has previously been the case in public service schemes. The police scheme, in common with the firefighter and local government pension schemes, will have statutory arrangements in place at national and local level. The Act prescribes a "Responsible Authority": the Home Secretary, who is responsible for making scheme regulations. She will do so in consultation with a "Scheme Advisory Board": the Police Advisory Board for England and Wales is well-established and will perform this role.

Under this new legislation the Chief Constable becomes the "Scheme Manager" with the responsibility to administer the scheme according to scheme regulations for Kent Police. The Act stipulates that the Chief Constable should ensure compliance with scheme regulations, compliance with the requirements of The Pension Regulator and other matters as the regulations may specify. This will include matters such as record-keeping and publishing information. The Act also provides that the Chief Constable must be assisted in these matters by a Pension Board. The legislation does not prescribe the size of the board but does stipulate that there must be equal numbers of employer and scheme member representatives. 

Further information is also available from the Pension Regulator.

Click here [258KB] for Staffordshire Police Pensions Board Terms of Reference

You can also read the:  Police Pensions Board Half Yearly Report [102KB]

Staffordshire Police Board Members 

DCC Nick BakerChair and Employer Representative
Mrs Caroline CoombeEmployer Representative - Temporary Head of People Services
Superintendent Wayne Jones Employer Representative - Corporate Services
​Mr Mark Judson

​Member Representative - Staffordshire NARPO

Inspector Glyn PattinsonMember Representative - Staffordshire Police Federation
Superintendent Elliot Sharrard-WilliamsMember Representative - Staffordshire Superintendents Association


Click here to view Police Pension Board Meetings.