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Proud of our people nominations - May 2017

Each month we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

SC Michael Prince   Helping Hand

Having spotted a vulnerable female stood on the wrong side of the bridge over the A500 in Longton, Mike has taken the opportunity to discreetly call 999 while talking to the female, repeating the information that the female was saying to allow the call taker to record and locate where they were and get uniformed patrols there in a timely manner. As patrols have arrived- the female has tried to jump and Mike has been able to grab her and pull her back to the safe side of the railings.

Mike, many thanks from us all for this excellent work in resolving this incident and potentially saving the life of a female in crisis.

PC Jenny Bentley and PC Eloise Bowen

A call was received from a member of the public stating that a man had been seen to be sitting on the wrong side of the bridge over the A500, a busy dual carriageway. All officers on shift 1 response (Stoke Central) have made to the location and arranged to shut off certain sections of the road which was closed extremely fast. PC Bentley and Bowen have located this man. PC Bentley engaged with the man who was sat swinging his legs down towards the A500. He appeared very upset and he stated that it was due to a break down in his relationship with his girlfriend. He was shaking and crying. PCs Bentley and Bowen have both spoken to him and calmed him down. The officers worked as a team communicating with the man. They managed to ascertain his name, age and address. The man appeared to be calm but would then get extremely upset again, but officers remained calm. The officers sat on the wall near to the him, which put them at more of an eye level with him which helped with communications. Officers were speaking to this man for 33 minutes, both officers committed to the job. Officers have managed to convince the man to climb back over the bridge and explained calmly how they wanted him to do this. He had good knowledge of the mental health act and was adamant that he did not want sectioning. Again the officers explained why this would be done. These officers are a credit to Staffordshire police, showing team work, commitment and displaying kindness and caring for this member of the public.

DC Andrea Jeffery

A High Risk Sex Offender has recently been convicted of four counts of rape and assault on a female victim. This case was investigated by DC Andrea Jeffery.

Her excellent work throughout this case, from her liaison with the victim to other departments, namely the VSOM,CAB and CPS/barrister during the trial all helped immensely towards securing this conviction which proved very difficult at times and required a lot of perseverance especially with the victim who would not engage for days at a time. 

DC Jeffery continued to offer and give support to the victim who was vulnerable and difficult to engage with consistently. She persevered with contact even when the victim did not want to be found. DC Jeffery undertook extensive telephone work to prove the contact between the victim and offender, and provided well written arguments for a custodial remand and later when bail was applied for.

DC Jeffery continued a consistent liaison with the VSOM unit, so that information could be shared to help with the building of the case against the offender. She wasn't afraid to ask for help or opinion. This showed good working between departments.

During the trial she built a rapport and good working relationship with the barrister, sometimes this is no easy task, so that all information could be shared in the courtroom. This was so vital in showing what a dangerous and predatory Sex Offender he was, and how vulnerable the victim was and how he had prayed on this.

Her perseverance, passion, good work, pride and integrity needs to be recognised in what was a difficult case that could just as easily have gone Not Guilty. The offender received an 18 year sentence.

PC Thomas Davies and PC Stephen Egan

The two officers attended very quickly to my son with autism who was wanting to hurt himself, they handled the situation fantastically and I felt I had to write to email and say as such as they really were fantastic, thank you so much... my son was left a lot calmer, they took the time to understand him and listen to him.

PC Gary Taylor

The manager for a registered sex offender had completed a number of enquiries and ascertained that the offender was not living at his address and was in a relationship with a female only known as "Sally".

A briefing slide was completed, and sent out to officers.  How refreshing for an officer to not only digest the information provided, but then contact VSOM direct to take a pro-active approach and take ownership of the situation.  PC Taylor did this, he contacted the manager to get further information.  PC Taylor then commenced investigations locally to try and identify where the offender was living.

As a result of this the offender ended up attending Longton Police Station as he was made aware that the police wanted to speak to him.  This was in fact an attempt by the offender to prevent police from speaking to his partner "Sally".

PC Taylor arrested the offender and liaised with VSOM.  He took the opportunity to seize his phone and assisted in the liaison with the Duty Inspector in obtaining a Section 18 search.  PC Taylor attended with an investigating officer from the unit and seized items from the home address of the offender, which included a DVD which he believed may contain extreme pornography, which he was further arrested for.

This resulted in officers from VSOM dealing with the offender, and he was charged with failing to comply with his notification requirements and remain in custody until the next available court.  Probably even more significantly, through PC Taylor initially identifying the partner of the offender, this has led to safeguarding referrals being completed for a total of five children across both Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent. The parents of two children were not previously aware that the offender was a sex offender, and he had been having supervised contact with the family.

PC Stephen Windridge

PC Steve Windridge really stands out to me as someone the force should be really proud of. PC Windridge is a compassionate and dedicated officer who goes the extra mile for the victims he supports. It is more than evident to me and regularly mentioned by others that he really cares. PC Windridge ensures he seeks out all agencies and sources all available assistance that may be open to them. The first time I was introduced to him he grilled me intently about my role and the service, what we could offer to the IP's.

In all reality he is simply doing his job but to such a high standard with consideration and empathy that it truly sets him apart.

The injured parties that I have supported all tell me that he is great officer, that he's different! Some domestic abuse victims we support have often been engaging with the police over a number of years. They have not always had positive experiences and therefore they are often reluctant and do not fully trust that the police can help them. They tell me he listens, they didn't feel he was judging them.

PC Windridge often raises his concerns through the hub to ensure that vulnerable people are picked up. The emails and referrals he makes are detailed and comprehensive.

PC Windridge is quietly doing a fabulous job serving his community and you should be very proud of this officer.

PC Richard Straw and PC Rachel Broxton -Straw burglar

Two off-duty officers, PC Richard Straw and his wife PC Rachel Broxton-Straw, both witnessed a burglary in progress and acted quickly and decisively leading to the capture of an offender. Richard chased and detained the offender who was in the process of committing a burglary at a house in Stone. The offender put up a fight and Richard held onto him until colleagues arrived. This offender has previous for carrying a knife. It takes courage to tackle offenders when off duty, when you don't automatically have that immediate support of colleagues, their radio and back-up.