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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Proud of our people nominations - April 2017

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

PC Scott Dean and PC Leon Gilbert Helping Hand

On 19 April a missing person report was made by St Georges who had concerns for the mental health of a man, the concerns being his wish to take his own life.

PC Gilbert had been assigned the enquiry and checked hospitals, did the usual enquiries and made several calls to the man's phone.

One call was answered and the officer managed to get a conversation started although it was apparent that the man had taken something from the way he was speaking.

Assisted by PC Dean and by the use of some clever questioning and checking bus routes, they managed to locate the man on a road in Leicestershire. Not unusual you may say, however, the officers had to contend with the man's consciousness deteriorating and his level of response deteriorating whilst speaking to him. They also found him on the longest road in Leicestershire, one that goes through the entire length of the county.

It is therefore quite amazing that they were able to keep the man talking and obtain enough details to reduce the location sufficiently so that the man was found and could receive medical care.



PC Julie Dixon, Sgt Jim Hooper and Sgt Gareth Thomas

A sex offender was released from prison in March 2017 and in partnership with other agencies was housed in the Lichfield area.

As a High risk MAPPA sex offender, real concerns were shown by partners around the potential of him re offending. A concerted approach by YOS staff, IOM and uniformed colleagues from Lichfield led to the man requesting that he be handed over to immigration officers who were taking steps to remove him from the country.

On the 24th March 2017 the man returned to his native country. This high risk sex offender has served his UK sentence and has now been removed from the UK reducing the risk he presented to the community.

Special recognition to PC Julie Dixon, Sgt Jim Hooper and Sgt Gareth Thomas. Three separate emails of gratitude have been received from partners. Excellent work.

PC Ben Allen, DC Dave Jackson and Diane Campbell

I'm writing to thank you and all your team in helping to bring my ex. girlfriend to justice. Over a four year plus period she systematically conned me out of a very large amount of money. It is only down to the fantastic work and determination of the officers named above that justice has been done. I cannot thank them enough for bringing this person to justice. Please relay my thanks to them all..... and also everyone working alongside them. Police work at its very finest!  Thank you.

PC Andy Clifford Bicycle

Being a keen cyclist I am regularly nearly killed or involved in dangerous close pass incidents, with inpatient motorists. I now  have front and rear cameras as used by WMP and present a couple of the worst events to Wombourne officers from time to time. PC Andy Clifford has really got to grips with the situation, offering me advice too, visiting the motorists etc, then reporting back to me. PC Clifford took the leaflets I produced and "copied" them for other officers to use. Very impressed with his initiative. I hope PC Clifford gets the support he needs to get a cycle safety initiative up and running, I believe that as he grasped my fears for cyclists lives, and saw how  motorists could be educated and save on prosecutions, it would be in everyone's interest to encourage him further.

PC Andrea Ballard

A complaint about Staffordshire Police in regards to the way a section 47 was conducted through two police forces -West Midlands and Staffordshire Police.

I have now found that Staffordshire Police have responded in a swift and fair way and the officer concerned, PC Andrea Ballard, has dealt with this in a caring and understanding way and has kept us informed. If all the other officers in the police force responded in this way there would be no reason for a complain system.

Well done Staffordshire police.

PCSO Pete Bradbury, PCSO Lucinda Hadfield and Jane Bailey

My neighbour came around to my house and verbally abused me telling me to move my car and he was going to get the police on me. I was really shaken up and contacted 101. Jane Bailey was very supportive, caring and said an officer would come out in the next few days but to re-contact if anything else occurred. That same day PC Pete Bradbury visited, took the details and said my car was not blocking neighbours drive in any way and he would go and speak to him.  Again he was very understanding, thorough -very responsive service. Then the next day I had a call from Pete's colleague, PCSO Lucinda Hadfield checking there had been no further incidents and reiterated to call if anything else occurred. Finally, I received a further call a week or so after again checking everything was ok.  I felt very reassured and totally impressed with the speed of service.

PC Tony Sheehan, PC Nick Bennett, PC Andy Parkinson, PC Chris McCarthy, PC Dave Goodwin and PC Steve Egan Family safety

On the evening of 31st March 2017 officers were called to assist Mental Health Professionals in order to safely conduct a mental health assessment of a student at Keele University.  PC Tony Sheehan attended along with the shift Sergeant.  The man was a body builder and extremely fit and strong.  PC Sheehan engaged professionally and empathetically with the man.  It was quickly apparent that the man was very unwell mentally and the Mental Health Professionals detained the man as a section 2 Mental Health Act patient, however, the man refused to go to hospital.  PC Nick Bennett and PC Andy Parkinson attended to assist with the transportation of the man.  PC Bennett and PC Parkinson showed excellent communication skills in order to try and convince the man to go to hospital.  However, in an attempt to escape, the man tried to take hold of the Sergeant.  All three officers acted quickly, appropriately and proportionately.  The man was tasered and assistance was provided by PC Chris McCarthy, PC Dave Goodwin and PC Steve Egan.  The aftercare provided by all officers in attendance was excellent and from high escalation, back to verbal communication and reassurance, showed extreme professionalism and compassion with the man's circumstances.

The skills that were witnessed from all officers demonstrated what Staffordshire Police instil in our officers.  They demonstrated not only what Staffordshire Police train but also true personal skills that can never be taught.  All are a true credit to the organisation. A lead Mental Health Professional from Stoke on Trent contacted the force's Mental Health Lead in order to pass on thanks, as did the Head of Security at Keele University.