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Access to Stored Data

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Staffordshire Police retains processes and analyses ANPR data collected in Staffordshire. Some ANPR data from the Staffordshire Police Service is also submitted to the National ANPR Data Centre (NADC) where it is stored together with similar data from other forces for a period of one year.

We have clear rules to control access to ANPR data to ensure that access is for legitimate investigation purposes. In respect of Staffordshire ANPR data, Staff only have access to the data if it is relevant to their role and the majority of those who have permission may only do so for a maximum period of 90 days from the date it was collected.

Some staff are authorised to access data for up to 1 year subject to authorisation of a senior officer. After 90 days, access may only be for priority and volume crime, serious, major or counter terrorism investigations.

Searches of ANPR data can identify vehicles associated with crime and terrorism and can dramatically speed up investigations.