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Camera Locations

CamerasIn addition to being mounted within police vehicles, ANPR cameras within the Staffordshire Police Service are used at fixed locations, where they will help to detect, deter and disrupt criminality.

In line with national policy, we do not disclose details of our fixed locations as this information is likely to be of benefit to offenders and if known could reduce the value of ANPR to policing.

National guidelines state that, if the Staffordshire Police Service proposes to install additional ANPR cameras, an assessment must be conducted that demonstrates a clear need, taking account of the following factors:

  • national security and counter terrorism
  • serious, organised and major crime
  • local crime
  • community confidence and reassurance, and crime prevention and reduction.

In assessing whether new cameras are to be deployed, a Privacy Impact Assessment will be undertaken. We will consult with persons and organisations with a reasonable interest in the proposal, unless that would be contrary to the purpose of the development, namely to detect, deter and disrupt criminality.

The Staffordshire Police Service is also committed to regularly review the location of ANPR cameras, in the context of the above criteria, to ensure that the continued deployment remains justified. All reviews will include consideration of the impacts on privacy.