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Tackling anti-social behaviour in Werrington

We are responding to concerns raised in Werrington regarding an increase in anti-social behaviour and are now making use of a dispersal order.

Following a recent increase in nuisance behaviour, officers from Staffordshire Moorlands LPT have introduced the 'Section 35 Dispersal Order' during weekends.

Large groups of young people have caused concerns amongst members of the public and incidents reported to us include young people running into the main road into oncoming traffic, throwing stones, urinating in gardens, shouting and swearing, banging on residents doors and consuming alcohol.

The Section 35 Dispersal Order gives a Police Constable or PCSO the power to instruct an individual to leave a specific area and not return for up to 48 hours. Failing to comply with the direction given may result in a person's arrest.

The order is used selectively against those identified as likely to become involved in or have been involved in anti-social behaviour and criminality.

PCSO Ashley Goodwin, said "The majority of young people go out to meet up with their friends and do not cause any problems. However there is a small number of individuals that have engaged in anti-social behaviour, which has caused the community to feel intimidated by these large groups. Parents are urged to encourage their children to play safely and to be considerate to the residents around them.

"Staffordshire Moorlands LPT are determined to prevent these issues from escalating and will take the appropriate action where necessary. A Section 35 Dispersal Order is a tool which can be used to reduce the issues and provide reassurance to the local community."

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