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Requesting a Court Hearing

A formal request to take your case to court needs to be submitted in writing complete with a wet signature.

Court blueYou will need to sign Section B of the Notice of Intended Prosecution form and return it to:

Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership,

PO Box 2117,

Stafford ST16 9ZR,

Complete with a covering letter confirming in writing that you wish the matter to proceed to Court.

If you have received a conditional offer of fixed penalty form, then you would need to tick the appropriate box on the front of the form to request Court and return it to the above address.

Important Information

We must advise you that if the matter is referred to the Magistrates Court for a hearing, in accordance with Section 16A Magistrates Court Act 1980, you may incur costs in addition to any fine imposed, which could also be higher than the original fixed penalty offered.

The Court may apply for their costs as well as Prosecution costs which are applied for at £85.

Once You Have Requested Court

Further paperwork will be posted to you regarding a hearing date.

In most cases, you will not be required to attend Court, unless you so wish. However, please note that in some cases, the Magistrates may stipulate that your attendance is mandatory.

If your attendance is not required and you decide not to attend Court, the paperwork sent to you will have a section for which you can write down anything you wish to be considered and this will be taken into account by the Magistrate when making their decision.