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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 17 March 2017

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

Saving a life Family safety

My husband had been out drinking which had triggered an extreme depressive state and he set out to kill himself, initially running in front of moving traffic, then with the idea to run onto the train track in a bid to end his life. Officers PC Katrina Carson and PC Jake Rabicano, who arrived on the scene, acted in an extremely professional manner from the onset. My husband ran off from them and attempted to run into the road again into moving traffic. The officers put themselves at risk to save his life. PC Jake Rabicano managed to get hold of him but due to his mental state he was extremely refractory and had to have Parva deployed, and further back up was requested. From then the officers continued with their professionalism and dealt with my husband in an extremely compassionate way. Their actions that night saved my husband's life and have now set him up with mental health support in the community. Rather than arrest him criminally, he was detained under the mental health act. The compassion shown was absolutely commendable and I really cannot express my thanks enough to the two officers who saved his life last night. I witnessed the whole incident myself and could see the task was no mean feat. I would be extremely grateful if my thanks could be passed to the two officers in question, and a recognition for their knowledge of mental health.

Myself, my husband and our family are forever in their debt for the help shown.

Excellent service

I want to express my thanks at your assistance following a recent incident. I was overwhelmed at the help that I have been given by Staffordshire Police. 

After the help and support from PC Jamie Stewart, PCSO Julie Wells and PCSO Louise Bradley, when my husband, who suffers from dementia, went missing, I wanted to tell you that he has received medical attention and everything is OK at the moment. I also want to say thank you to the officer that located my husband and bought him home, Sgt David Rowlands

The service I received from the officers on that day and afterwards was outstanding and I am very impressed. Thank you to everyone who helped.


Commitment and dedication cadet

Officers have, as volunteers, been running South Staffs Cadet Unit which at the end of February 2017 celebrated its 1st anniversary.
Unit Commander S.Sgt Kevin Elscey, PSV Oumme Choudhury, PC Sam Jones, Special Constables Jorja Whittingham and Sophie Allen, PCSO's Paula Wilkes and Andy Poxon have volunteered their own time and shown great personal commitment to the 13 young people who are now actively involved in South Staffs Cadets.
Their approach has grown the Unit in membership and also helped improve the confidence and skills of the Cadets.
I have been to a number of sessions with the Cadets. I have always been impressed by how well the volunteers engage, manage and develop the young people. They show genuine interest and desire to ensure the Cadets enjoy being a Police Cadet and develop as individuals through their involvement.
Without their commitment and dedication the South Staffs Cadets would not be the success that it is today. As LPT Commander I am proud of their contribution which through this nomination I would like to recognise.


Professional and helpful officer

At 22:00 the car I was driving broke down on the A50 eastbound just after the B5030 roundabout.
I was too far from the layby and wasn't quite able to get onto the verge before the car stopped.
After calling the breakdown provider for the vehicle, I called 101 and the controller, PC Jason Roberts was very understanding and helpful. Being a female travelling alone, he showed great understanding of my situation, kept me updated of the police officers' whereabouts and only ended the call when the officers arrived.
The manner of PC 904 Richard Lymer and SC 24525 Chris Bradbury was perfect for the situation in that they appreciated my predicament and didn't patronise me. They then set to and pushed the car 1/2 mile to the layby where I could wait in a safer location until the recovery vehicle arrived.
I cannot fault the service I have received from any of the Staffordshire Police tonight. The officers stated they couldn't take any token of thanks (I'd driven down from Glasgow and had picked up some very good real ales from the Lake District which I offered to the chaps) so please can I ask my immense gratitude is passed on to them and an acceptable reward for their service is given.
Many thanks. 


Compassionate and professional manner

Unfortunately my Nan unexpectedly died on Sunday lunchtime. The officer who attended the scene, Sgt 4091 Christopher Green, was fabulous. He showed comfort and support to all the family as well as maintaining a professional manner when filling out the paperwork. He calmed the whole family down with his manner and answered any questions that we wanted to ask with comfort guidance and support. I am a young adult (24) and I couldn't thank the officer enough for the way he made me and my family feel. I was devastated at the loss of my Nan but he made sure all my questions were answered before leaving the scene. Please can you say a MASSIVE thank you to him. I really think he deserves some recognition for his kindness and professionalism.


Professional and helpful service pcso talking to adult white

Concerned about the suspicious behaviour of man driving up and down the streets on the estate I called 101 to report the matter.
Within minutes PCSO Razeem Akhtar was on site and he was very professional and very helpful.
This incident occurred as I was packing the car for a weekend away and I was concerned that man in question was aware the house would be unoccupied. From the partial number plate I'd given, the PCSO had managed to identify a possible vehicle match on ANPR. The PCSO then went through property security with me and even offered to keep an eye on the house whilst I was away.
I was impressed with the response and felt reassured. Great job. Please pass on my thanks.