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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 10 March 2017

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

Saving a life Family safety

A concern for safety involving an elderly female who lives alone and hadn't been seen. On arrival PC Scott made numerous enquiries with neighbours and family to establish possible whereabouts of 'Molly'. It was believed at this time following these enquiries that Molly was in the address but could not open the door. PC Scott then made the decision to force entry.

On doing so he located Molly in her bedroom. It had become apparent that she had fallen and become trapped between the bed and furniture. PC Scott spoke with Molly, reassured her and tried to put her at ease. He did what first aid he could while waiting for the ambulance. It quickly became apparent that the ambulance was going to be a while and as such the concerns for Molly grew. PC Scott using his first aid knowledge knew that Molly could not be moved because of the length of time she had been in her position, due to possible toxic shock.

Due to the growing concern PC Scott went to the main road and commandeered a passing ambulance who stopped and assisted. It transpired that an ambulance had not been dispatched to and as such medical attention was not en route.

Once the ambulance staff had assessed Molly it transpired that she had been there overnight, and as such if we had tried to move her she would have gone into toxic shock which PC Scott had alluded to. Due to her age this would have been life threatening/ending. They also stated that she had suffered a stroke and was in a very serious condition. The ambulance staff stated on two separate occasions that if action had not been taken Molly would no longer be with us. In their words "You have saved her life ".

Helpful, compassionate and professional service

The police officer that attended to the incident, PC Jarrett Kinson, was very pleasant, considerate and patient. As he took statements from each of us, he was extremely helpful towards my older sister when writing up her statement as she struggles with dyslexia. As a family who don't have dealings with the police, he was quick to calm our nerves and dispel any feelings of guilt for having to call the police in the first place. PC Kinson was at our home for approximately four hours and in all that time his attention to detail was excellent.

Excellent service

Special Sgt Ian Wylie was single crewed and patrolling arterial routes. He spotted a vehicle that he found suspicious and caused it to stop. He discovered that the driver was disqualified and diligently checked the motor vehicle discovering it was using cloned registration plates and was in fact a stolen vehicle, the keys for which had been stolen during a house burglary in a neighbouring force area. S Sgt Wylie arrested the offender and conveyed him to custody then completed the necessary paperwork and seizing relevant exhibits from the detainee.

A cross border criminal relating to organised crime in an area of criminality that heavily impacts on Staffordshire has been detained and will likely handed a custodial sentence, S Sgt Wylie's actions are commendable, it is a pleasure to see self- generated proactive police work based on his use of natural policing acumen. The stolen property can be repatriated with its owner and they will, I am sure, be pleased to know that an offender is in custody.

Compliment to the force

PC Samuel Small and PC Peter Emery dealt with a very upsetting incident at our home address on Sunday evening. They were wonderful in that they were thorough, sensitive, reassuring and incredibly patient. A real asset to the force and a huge help to us when we needed it most.

Please pass on our sincere gratitude to these two officer who really did enable us to eventually go to sleep with some confidence that the incident had been properly dealt with.

Brilliant staff

On Friday 3rd March, PCSO Pete Bradbury called to see my father. I was also at the house and he came to talk to my dad, who is now 90, about the revoking of his driving licence by DVLA, which he had held for many years. 

Pete talked to my dad, handling the whole subject with great sensitivity, respect and grace and for that I am so very grateful. 

My sister, my dad's neighbours and I just want to say how much we value these moments of help and support within the community. 

Many, many thanks.

Helping in the community

group of people with pcso blue 

I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks on behalf of 1st Barton Brownies to PCSO Pete Bradbury and PCSO Craig Carroll for coming to our session and helping the girls earn their crime prevention badge. It was a very informative but fun night enjoyed by 20 girls.