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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Proud of our people nominations - Week to Friday 24 February 2017

Each week we will publish details of those colleagues nominated for their excellent work and dedication to the communities of Staffordshire.

An excellent customer service

Family safetyToday (24/02/2017) I was visited by two police officers, along with 2 ambulance crew due to a safety concern for my own and my child's welfare following a very distressing telephone call to the NHS helpline whereby I had revealed that I was highly considering suicide but wanted firstly see if there was any chance of seeing a psychiatrist.
The police officers, PC Michael James and PC Rochelle Till and the ambulance staff admitted to not having any training on how to deal with people like myself who have mental health problems and yet you guys have been the ones who, just by offering a listening ear to me and not judging me, have restored my hopes in humanity. Therefore I want to say a big thank you for this from the bottom of my heart. My husband also has asked me to express his gratitude to you too.
I find it very both distressing and worrying in this day and age that Mental Health is still seen in a negative way, and a lot of people in the community have a stigma against it. I truly hope that what Teresa May has recently said her aims are in regards to removing the hidden injustice faced by people living with mental illness in the UK are actually acted upon in due course.
The officers were supported by PC Stefan Rhodes, during the incident.

Helpful, compassionate and professional service

I rang 101 on Tuesday 21/02/17 and spoke to Control Room Operator Andrea Sant who helped me to find a next of kin for one of my clients, which resulted in his father being able to see him before he sadly passed away. Andrea worked for 90 minutes to establish a next of kin which the father was very thankful for.

Excellent policing in protecting the community

I make this report in respect of Sergeant Sandra Jones IOM/VSOM. 

Sandra took up her new role as a trainer/ admin coordinator at the end of 2016 and has become the bedrock of support for many offers and staff alike. 

She works tirelessly with multiple priorities and deadlines, undertakes training and develops training packages designed to effectively communicate changes in legislation and national guidelines so that our staff are best equipped to deal with Sex and Violent offenders.
In respect of new PSRM - Police Staff Risk Managers, which will drive the department towards a future working model by providing a 50/50 mix of officers and staff alike, Sandra has developed an assessment centre, interview and mandatory welfare process which a number of forces have shown an interest in replicating.

She now focuses on the professionalization of these Risk Managers and is formulating a joint vocational training package with Staffordshire University.

Further training is provided regularly to all staff in respect of MOSOVO and ARMS training and all this work is undertaken on top of her day job which is driving a joint administration team that will transform many elements of administration to release officer back to physically dealing with RSOs.

Sandra approaches her work with a level of energy, enthusiasm and commitment which is extraordinary and yet remains fully approachable and always has time for anybody's needs and concerns.

Sandra is an excellent officer who has the protection of the community at the heart of all she does, she is an excellent role model to all,  and makes me want to be better - thank you!

Professional, friendly and welcoming nature Happy blue

I attended your HQ on Monday 20 February for an online Fraud Forum meeting hosted by your Deputy PCC.
The welcome and reception I received upon arrival from Jacquie Payne was outstanding.
I am a former police officer, having completed over 30 years service with Northamptonshire Police and I have never experienced service of such a professional yet friendly and welcoming nature.
I am not a regular provider of feedback but I could not let this experience pass without passing on my praise for Jacquie and her team.

Compliment to the force

My first ever experience of being burgled, how impressive I found the service!

From the phone call in the first instance to a very understanding Control Room Operator, Mr Adam Smithies, who guided me through the questions, to the visit of PCSO Karen Linton and PCSO Steve Sherratt,  who were so kind and informative.

Clearly both these officers are a compliment to the force. I felt so much better after their visit, and follow up emails, not what I expected at all. Compliments to all.